Milborn beetroot coriander toast

Milborn beetroot coriander toast

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Read how deliciously well-known cook Laszlo Kovacs was after Melinda's third baby son Nancy was born at home.

Photo: Melinda shoots

We contributed to this person:

50 kg of mussels
50 dkg of cowhahъs
two tablespoons of tomatoe
0.5 dl of water
three tablespoons of oil
two tablespoons of olive oil
two tablespoons brown sugar
a clove of garlic cloves
a tablespoon of coriander juice
black mocha black pepper
two teaspoon sou a ragout
sу into the hot water of the dough
Time to finish: 30 minutes
In the oil, fry the minced beef, then add the roast, the black pepper, the brown sugar, the garlic and the water. Cook over medium heat, stirring frequently, for 10 minutes, then remove from heat.
In a larger foot, flaky salt water, cook the mussel, then mix it with olive oil and the cut coriander leaves after draining. We also boil the croissant and beetroot, and we can filter grated cheese on top.
tip: It's even easier for the family to mix the shellfish with the Milanese beef stew.
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