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Could it be harmful to the micro?

Could it be harmful to the micro?

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You can read reviews that microwaves cause harmful changes in food. We went after the truth.

Ores are contradictory to the dangerous metabolism of foods cooked or heated with microwave energy, but this can also happen with traditional cooking, such as eating oil.

It is important to pay attention to a light rule when microwave heating

Microwave short-wave electromagnetic waves are the same as those emitted by radio, satellite, telephone, navigation, and satellite systems, which are now part of our lives. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when using a micro.
  • The food does not heat up evenly in the microwave, some of it may be hot even though it is still cold. It is important to mix the puree thoroughly before giving it to the small child. Stir the beverage heated in the baby bottle with a long handful of spoon, as it will add a lot of small air bubbles, which can cause swelling. Liquids heat up very quickly, and there is a greater risk of scalding.

  • Certain plastics can produce substances that are harmful to health. Use only dishes that are labeled as microwave safe.

  • Electromagnetic radiation can get out of the door of old or frayed cookware, its internal sputtering structure, so remove it if the door is slightly loose, poorly sealed. Do not allow your child to lean into the working machine by leaning close to the door.