Kemenesalja Joint Kúrhzz Celldömmk

Kemenesalja Joint Kúrhzz Celldömmk

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It's such a homely little class to get to know each other about snoring, says dr. Antal Kovбcs, Head of Celldömölk Birth.

Dr. Antal Kovбcs

The cozy little ward, with only six wards, has peace of mind, which among other things is that almost every baby gets a job. No rush, if you need help, you will be there. The relationship is good because everyone knows everyone. If not, a good weekly relationship with the family will be developed during the weekly parenting classes or the family visit.
- In the living room we welcome the father, and the dads live up to 70 percent - says Doctor Kovacs. - After childbirth, the baby is placed on the mother's chest, after a couple of hours in the urinary incubator, the little one gets warm. They are most likely to meet during the next breastfeeding period. If the mother so requests, the baby may be with her 24 hours a day, but if the little one stays in the infant room, she may breastfeed as desired. When the baby wakes up, the baby will take her to the baby's ward.
Visitors are not allowed in the room, but you can visit the mother at any time between 9 and 18 in the crowded lounge.

Admiral Zsigmond Gyцkösseny is waiting for the baby to arrive

"Anyone can come to visit, but the experience is that when the older child comes, the mother is hurting ... Visitors can see the baby through the window." Of course, the father can go to the infant class after having a baby or having a cesarean section.
The proportion of cesarean sections has increased in recent years, with surgery generally under anesthesia.
- Unfortunately, we are unable to perform intervertebral, spinal anesthesia, but we encourage it. So I'm not an interventionist. Avoid suturing if possible. No prematurely printing, let your parenting go at your own pace. Preparation is important because any birth can be done by surgery. This is also the reason why, in the midst of butter, at least a little fluid is allowed to be consumed by the mother. Breastfeeding helps nursing mothers and nurses, and the baby receives supplementation only when she is unable to get enough breastfeeding nutrition, and milk or boiled water is given first. - We're not serious babysitters, but we want to build a dashboard. We have new beds, which is a coincidence. An acquaintance of mine knew in the past that the Melancholy Service could provide hospital supplies. He called me right away, and we missed the opportunity. But, unfortunately, that doesn't happen every day.
Facts, figures
Number of births in 2010: 407
There are 35 percent cesarean section
You can choose a baby up to 36 weeks.
Dad can't be inside a cesarean section.
Childrens Lounges: Three quadruples, one double and one single room.
There is no basic VIP lounge.
The family, if everyone is healthy, can leave the class 96 hours after birth.


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