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Work or family - super father balancing

Work or family - super father balancing

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They are there in the birth room, on the baby's chair and in the ovis-berlin doodle. Fathers are becoming more and more involved in family life, joining the working mothers: balancing work and family.

"The hardest thing to get home. Sounds weird, doesn't it?" says the father of Vilmos Mуczу, Marcell (7), Green (5) and Bercel (2). "All the while, I'm explaining, solving problems, getting calls in the car on the way home. As soon as they step in the door, the little ones clam up to me, even though I'm not at home, my thoughts are always good at work. when I can lower it, and switch to "daddy". So if I can, I just walk in and have my bike up, rolls up. I came here also. With greater zeal, I can accomplish the tasks of laying the children with my wife. " "Most of the time I take them to kindergarten. A bar car would be much shorter, I insist on walking. That's why I need to get up a little bit earlier, but it is worth it for me. ".

Super father's dilemma

Vili also belongs to the generation that sociologists call the "new father" or "super father". Not only do they take on the traditional role of family caretaker, but they are not afraid of household and child-centered tasks.
In such a family, it is the sink who is just wearing it and the diaper who sooner notices that it is time for a change of diapers. This has not replaced the traditional roles, but they have become closer to each other, and so the super-father is becoming more and more aware of what the working "super-mother" feels about her: and you can suspend your capitalization for a while.
Women are often labeled as "careerists" when they achieve outstanding results in addition to family work. Well, it's not a committed father to be trendy in every job.

It's not easy to be a dad (Photo: Europress)

"I work in a shop with very tight working schedules and my wife's working hours are not flexible. We have adjusted our family life to that," says the father of two little girls. "But if any of the children get sick or have some kind of kindergarten-school program that parents are expecting, that is very serious. : "I only watch videos like this. My wife picks it up. Solve it like that! - and she almost laughed."
He added: "Although it is not good for me that my family is important, I come up with a more" masculine "reason if I am absent from my childhood program: alarm installation, without a problem, they sometimes leave their jobs sooner or later because they go to a parents' meeting or a carnival party in kindergarten, but in the case of fathers, this is not a natural thing;

Twenty-one owls are low

Career Development and Parenting: When do you spend hundreds of hours in each of them, do you have time for hobbies, relaxation, and romantic evenings spent alone? Great rare. And the diaper tips feel right in the middle, it will always be like that. But for the more experienced, these years are disappearing fast, kids are growing, and in the future, there is the opportunity for a more exciting, diverse life. In the meantime, we spend as much time with us as we can.
László Balogh's doctor, his wife, Enikх Srdi sometimes mentions the family father in his weekly, weekly baby blog. While Mom cares for children between two and a half and five years at home, Laszlo works more than ever to make a living.
"My working hours are jubilant to the amount of time I should spend with my family," Laci says. "By the time I get home, the kids have had dinner, so I get involved in the bath and bedtime, because I can just spend time with us. It's late at night, says the father of six and a little girl.
"Twenty-two hours and little time to spend with family, I try to increase my work division responsibilities at home, too. says, and adds that even though the children themselves are more likely to miss work because of the time they spend together.
"I accept that I have to work hard at this stage of my life," he continues. "My kids often ask me if I'm just coming out of work, why I'm going back to work. Then I explain to them, and they understand. Just as in their daytime programs, only their mother can take part in the nursery. , we're living an exciting life, so I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything, and it's no problem that you can't have a hobby right now. It's about time. "