Diapers: Practical Tips From Anyone

Diapers: Practical Tips From Anyone

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Anyone who has a child can diaper. This routine is repeated so many times that a little trick, decision and process can be many times over in terms of time or quality or even money.

Diapers: Practical Tips From AnyoneI have collected a bunch of suggestions and tips from my mother-in-law - beginner moms may be good for one other, or even advanced.

How do we change diapers? Kйnyelmesen!

Because we spend a lot of time doing this, it is very important what kind of posture we lose and keep within minutes - many times a day. Let's develop a cow place where we can comfortably go to the baby and all the necessary utensils. If we're too high for a diaper, for example, we're down a staircase (we should buy one in a year or so), if it's too low, well, it's hard to help. That's why you need to try a diaper kit or other diaper before buying.

Pay attention to the temperature!

Many of us are moms whose hands are always cold, irrespective of the weather. For this reason, be sure to wash your hands with warm water before dying or rub your hands for a minute, so that the baby, who is very sensitive to heat, is not sensitive to heat. Also, keep an eye on the outside temperature: the room where you diaper in the cold months should always be warmed up. After bathing, it is especially important that you baby your baby in a warm place. Despite all the caution, you will often find that as soon as the cold air strikes the baby, the baby puppy starts to cry like this!

Get everything ready!

It's best to take your diapers out of the factory bag and put them together in a small box with popcorn and towels to keep everything in one place and get it done in one move, if needed. It is also a good idea to have a pocket storage at the diaper location where you can easily prepare your diaper supplies. At home, we used the latter and the boxed solution on vacation - says Edit.

So wrap your baby: kuki, baby stump, secure swap and curls

Small but important tricks for parents of little baby dolls: the littlest bunny should always point down when we close the diaper over it. To avoid having a baby pointing upwards, the baby puts the pelvis into the abdomen. underneath it - the way it works for normal diapers. Or, as Edina with two children suggests, you can cut a small rectangular hole at the height of your traditional diaper and . That way, when the diaper is lifted, it is already clean under the baby's bottom - it can often be given that this trick will play a big part. The classic classic is: always fold the little ruffle into the diaper - adjust the rubber to make sure that the pelus closes as much as possible, that is, what needs to remain inside remains inside.

Cream and popsicle

Most of the cases usually do not, or only slightly, paint the bottom of their baby. Leave the cream on when you have to use it: if your baby's skin is red or blotchy. It is self-evident that you need to lubricate your baby's skin with a suitable zinc oxide cream. For example, Orsi, a 3-year-old, normally applies organic almond oil to baby beans, pharmacy and other buttocks. In your experience, you don't need them. And almond oil nicely nurtures fine baby skin, so the point proved to be enough for this baby. Zsuzsa, with two children, recommends disposable wipes with a water content of 99%, and they have never become childish. This is practically equivalent to wiped cotton wool - it's only one faster to use. , carpet, sofa cover can also be removed with a damp cloth. In many of our creative workshops, always think about the buttocks, get them ready.

When to Change to a Bigger Diaper?

Practicing moms can be unsure when it is time to switch to one more diaper size. I have always realized that the size of the diaper is short for my child and I have a hard time attaching it. Of course, this is not necessarily the case with fewer baby dolls - my child was always over 98% longitudinal. But, for example, you may find that the same diaper that you used to skin earlier wears it faster. This may be a sign that a growing puppy cannot be followed by a diaper of a given size, so a larger diaper is needed. to a bigger size.

Avoid Accidents: Get on the ground or switch to panties!

Parents of children with extreme agility are important tips: if you are uncertain for a moment that your baby will not fall from his or her usual diapering area, immediately move to the carpet on the ground. Or a baby that can stand / come on a panty that can be replaced by a baby on the move.

Am I kidding the toddler for diapers? Shut up your attention!

From the beginning, I do the diapering to keep the child bored. At first, as a baby, I talked to him, sang to him, shuffled some toys around the diaper that he could look at, and in a new age I put a book in his hands, and now I talk to him. I ask you whether you answer or not. Then I'll talk more. I always give you something to play with or something to read and page - always something I know you're interested in. So I have a good chance of not running in the middle, though we all know how busy and not as big a murmur as a diaper is. so anyone who wants to can sing anyway.
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