The story of Poci and the wall muralGyarmati Viki

The story of Poci and the wall muralGyarmati Viki

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Poci's adventures continue. Adding a pack of felt-tip pens and a piece of paper to a fairy tale doesn't matter.

The family started shopping for a nice spring duluth. In the huge business center, Poci traveled patiently in the shopping cart. He smiled lightly. He pointed to the beautiful, colored felt-tip pens on the shelf: "Mom!" Look what the colors are! Let's draw a fly!
Mom removed the felt-tip pens from the shelf.
- This is something for you! It is easy to wash your hands and clothes and wash it, ”he said, and put it in the basket.
- Will you draw? Dad asked the little boy. Poci smiled and pointed happily at the felt in the basket.
After buying, many full-length bags were taken by Dad and Mom into the apartment. Poci also helped me enthusiastically. While they were unpacked in the kitchen, Poci hurried to her room with her new felt-tip pens. The silence was great. The room was filled with a squeak, not much was heard. Mom and Dad were in vain looking for felt-tip pens in their bags.
"Somebody cheated," Dad said.
- Yes! Look, who could be! Mom said as she peeked into Poci's room.
The felt-tip pens were all over the ground. Poci thoughtfully created a wall.
- Wow! Do not scrub the wall! Mother said in shock.
- No! That's not a nice thing! Dad's voice sounded.
Poci's mitten is the coolest, and a teardrop glittered in chestnut eyes.
- Do not be sad! We try to wash it off, Mom hugged her desperate little boy. - Come on, help me!
In the bathroom, Mom poured lukewarm water into a large bowl and cleaned it.
- Just bring the sponges. - asked her mother Poci and headed for the nursery.
The little-haired little boy with sponges in his hands was following Mother over the wall.
"First I love it," Mom said as she plunged into the water and unscrewed the sponge.
"In the meantime, we need to collect the felt-tip pens," his father leaned over Pochi.
Mom carefully wiped the wall with the damp sponge and the color lines disappeared.
- Success! Poci cried. - You helped me too!
- Look, you have to! Mother pointed to her enthusiastic helper. The mace slowly disappeared.
Dad took a huge paper in between. - You can draw on it! - He told.
- Stick it somewhere! Mom suggested. - Where do you want it? he turned to Poci. The little boy pointed to the end of his baby.
- That's a good idea! Dad rolled over and glued the huge white sheet.
- Can I draw here? Poci asked.
Mom and Dad, smiling, answered:
- Of course! But only on paper! If you drew it, replace the page. And let's all draw the drawings under your bed!
Poci started drawing. Mom and Dad were amazed at the little art.


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