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Turn off the radio? My child is born!

Turn off the radio? My child is born!

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With the programmed trick, it is not the nature but the calendar that decides the date of birth. But sometimes nature also adapts to the calendar. Erika's birth story.

Date given: January 11. Tension and blood. This is the motto of the day before. I do all the tricks to relax. It's going hard.
I strongly believe in the relaxation of sport. So I dived into my neck on the 10th, moving for a kilometer at first, then training with my other mom at dune while the kids were at the gym. The foot-lifting hasn't gone so easy, either I also felt the contractions more and more. In the evening I barely ate, and then went to bed. Of course, I had no sleep, just sobbing. But I woke up, I went, I went, I thought with such frequency in my mind. Last night in the body with the kid. Last night in quarters. Even though I was counting on the last one, the sadness I felt for the cesarean section came again. That why didn't you give me time to bring my baby to the world to wait for my baby? Why do I need to adjust to a doctor's schedule instead of life itself? And why, why, why?
At half past two I filled a pack of paper handkerchiefs, and then let it fall into the body. The watermelon blasted the alarm. My brother and I went to the village.
We were both dying. We knocked on the living room door, they were waiting, and the assembly line started. Sedation, dressing, baby, CTG. We pinched each other's fingers to each other. The baby stared at the papoon coming out of the machine, "well, you have your own concussions," and I just smiled. But he was getting hurt more and more. My doctor, a family friend of the family, came and rejoiced at the beautiful living room we were in. I don't know, it didn't seem to me so far. But everything was really here: an imposing corner bar, hi-fi system, a chair, a sofa, poppies on the wall. There's also a huge ball that my doctor especially liked. He also told my brother while I was here, they could play ball anyway. Looking at the water, he offered water polo, and we laughed at the end.
Meanwhile, the anesthetist appeared, noting that his eyeglass had broken yesterday. He lost the others. The blood in my veins froze, but a glass was still on my nose. I didn't make it out, I told you I thought he'd found a third. He just waved me. "Come on, that's not the number. The fingers." Х He will blindly give you anesthesia. My doctor also told her not to scratch the blood. That's why he was blind. So it was just a funny mood and I was getting harder. By the time they were ready - almost eight o'clock - they pushed me into my head. The baby still stopped the car for a moment and stared at my brother. "You gave me a kiss?" For the life of me, I will thank him for that.

Sometimes the nature of the parent also adapts to the calendar

There were just a few of them inside, one of the doctors looked at me and said, "Well, you have your own regular concussions. This birth has begun. But, yeah, it's really time."
Where do things start from, I don't know. But I'm sure my brain was controlling the events. Since I feared that everything was going to happen, that the baby would be born, the signal in my head went over the body. At home this would not have happened, maybe at this time I would have given the children some butter but I was switching to a birth program here.
The highest point came, the spine. Once again, the doctors thanked me for giving birth so thin because it was so much easier to give an injection than a centimeter in a shell. I trembled like a poplar leaf, didn't even understand why the anesthetist asks him not to. But, I was very scared. I attached most of the jubilation to this moment, a headache, a brain drain, an old sorrow when we were all over it. No hesitation, the soothing words of the anesthesiologist slowly spread to me, as did the numbness. I turned my pain off.
But my head was in full shift. I listened to everything, heard everything. For example, the square where Juventus was born. Yeah, say, I would have listened to Peethfi, but I was like, this is not a situation where we can ask for a change of channel. But at least we often said the exact time, so I was a bit capricious. No one in the theater was very nervous besides me. The anesthetist bumped, the doctors worked.
The anesthetist knew about the events, but he always bumped in the middle. Just "what kind of woman is this man, you just play love…" when I felt strong pressure, my baby cried. One second from here, too.
From now on, I have a little adulation, and I do not remember the next Juventus slugger, nor the words of the doctors. It just kept me thinking Бdбm came onhow he looks, what they do to him, he has everything and he has no six toes. We told you in advance that the baby would be taken immediately after birth to the place where my baby would be, and he would be there.
I thought Vili was watching our baby. I was reminded of the not-so-old ultrasound image that made a whole good profile of Baba Babe. Now you can compare the photo with the currency, touch it, smell it a bit. Then a man in the air, 3110 grams, 53 centimeters, launched into the air. "Ъristen, 3110 grams." Huge baby in my reading. My babies were born at 2900 and 2730, and my dreams were more than three thousand.
Again, my eyes ran away, and in the next moment I brought the boy wrapped up in his arms. "Look how pretty you are!" said the assistant, and lifted the little thing to my head. Бdбm was really victorious. The fetal, ringed little face almost blossomed into my retina. He didn't have a loud voice at that time, just whispered softly.
All the quarrels that depressed me over the last nine months had disappeared. The visitor who has only been seen so far has been clean, things have gone into place. Like the pieces of the puzzle, the pictures fit together in my head. The three children, we, the parents, the grandparents, the cousins, the baby in the apartment, the nursery. So it's all round.
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