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A Pregnant Mother of a Pregnant Woman: Rita

A Pregnant Mother of a Pregnant Woman: Rita

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Rita is ready for a natural birth. Now the nine o'clock is telling me.

- Tell me how do you know?
- We've been together for seven weeks when we got married last October, but due to the hectic work we couldn't travel until January. Like in the story: we came back in threesomes. Of course, it only turned out sooner.
- You really do?
- Level? Before the pregnancy, I was not so infantile by any baby. I didn't feel like babbling or babbling with other babies. I'm not really interested in the whole thing. Then everything changed, but not in a nutshell, but slowly ... So it was funny, so we did one after another to be sure and dare to believe the result.
- Looks good. You really have a condition, you are not pregnant, right? - Well now, I feel like I'm more tired, but I just have to rest for luck. I felt really full until the end, I only know the inconvenience by heart. I believe that because I have been practicing my eight years intensively, I know and, as far as possible, I am aware of the capabilities of my body. That's why I believe so strongly in the ability to have natural birth, which is all I want. I can't imagine it.
- How are you getting ready?
- Together with Andrbas. First, I asked for some credible books because I really had no idea anything. We could agree with all the ideas of birth. Another "Bible" by Ingeborg Stadelmann The genius book of The Respondent's Choice.
You'll meet again soon, now, Mom.