Facebook has blocked the largest anti-virus site

Facebook has blocked the largest anti-virus site

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For its own sake, Facebook has removed the largest anti-vaccine site, Natural News.

The Natural News political and scientific site has been blocked by Facebook from its own interface. The page was followed by 3 million. Not only did he portray anti-vaccine content in the alien portal, but he also promoted scientific, political conspiracy theories about suspicion of official medicine. The site was founded by Mike Adams, who says he has begun inquiring about alternative diets because of his diabetes, and that he has naturally convinced himself, says the Index. Adams also proclaims that drugs should be completely eliminated.Facebook has blocked the largest anti-virus site Natural News has released a major revelation on the Daily Beast this Saturday. This article shows you how to take the best-in-class containers with medication and how to try to dissuade parents from filing a vaccine. The site displays advertisements for "organic broccoli drive capsules" and similar products that are said to be effective, including subliminal words such as that of the gender-neutral parents. Nothing of this is public. Following the Daily Beast's article, Facebook blocked Natural News almost immediately. The reasoning was that the container page violated their spam rules. Over the past few months, many other sites like Facebook have been blocked, and in the spring, they stopped showing unauthorized advertisements. According to Mike Adams, Natural News's ban on Facebook is only new evidence of censorship of Internet monopolies.
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