Mom, when are you playing with me?

Mom, when are you playing with me?

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Do you feel like sliding your cars around the ground or building cube towers that are just about to be destroyed? However, not only do children develop in common games, but you also feel more intimate in your relationship.

Mom, when are you playing with me?

"Quarter after, I've never been able to really play with my little kid," she recalls Zsуfi, mother of Zoe, six years old. "Feeling tired of constantly having to book, especially if I wanted to have a meaningful and developer time. continues the story, the mom who confesses, after a while, simply started to get tired of the game, he would have liked to have done more. "I was trying to read, surf, browse in human time, but it couldn't be, or at least not for long, because Zoe didn't tolerate them." Zhufi admits he had a conscience for years, in fact, where even fewer, began to calm down. "My baby was a bookworm when I started enjoying the time with him. I decided to I need to be more with it, but just as before. If we are together, even if I have to work, I have to keep an eye on it. It doesn't matter if I get tired of it or worry about my other job or spend time with it. I have to concentrate on finding good things and mainly I have to enjoy the game"This is not always a success, of course, it was often more important to work, but at least I tried to play more and deal with the child."
"There are exceptions, but I find that most moms don't go out of their way to take care of the baby at home," he says. Linda Kuruczné Jszszberényi vйdхnх. "They start enjoying and celebrating the time they spend together when they go back to work.A lot of people tell me that working women's games are turned off and more patient, "says the expert." With so much work, it was difficult to devote time to the kid who signaled a shortages."

It doesn't even come to our minds to enjoy it

"I also meet many young children who are complained about by their parents because they are simply unmanageable," Bujdosу Mara clinical psychologist. "When we start talking, it turns out that the parents are very busy, very little time for the childand even the most routine of evening activities. Unfortunately, the child is often in the last line, and other things are more important to parents than to play, and children to think, szуfogadatlanok. Most of the time, it is clear that behaviors that are difficult to handle are caused by a lack of common sense, attention and quality. We also establish a harmonious parent-child relationship by playing more with our small child. THE currency attention it is much more than crappy toys. "Sadly, a lot of adults can't play it because they may not have played it, have not seen such a pattern, or are just unable to fit into the situation - their head is so full." And if someone is cared for, for example, the mother dad to care more about her child, usually gives rise to resistance, further conflicts.Many times at a certain age, it is only a matter of doing something. Unfortunately, in our adult life many things fall into place, and we do not even think about certain things or activities that we might want to do. That's why it's worth trying new and newer games. The problem is that To tune in emotionally to the kid, to the games, as we are under constant pressure: if we have a little time, we will quickly sit down with the little one, but in a matter of minutes we will be unable to indulge in any activity. However, it would be important for us to switch off ourselves, to try to pay attention to the child, to approach him empathically. Of course, it won't make it easier for our baby to only sell with us for the third week. In addition, the roles require much more intense thinking and creativity, as opposed to the rules that we play almost mechanically. "

You have to be taught how to play

"The little ones are just peeping, jogging, rock-climbing, and they don't have to think about complicated things or special toys," says Anni Montz Ferencné Kismama. "When we involve the little ones in our activity, they get a job and utбnozhatnak, learn and play at the same time. And whatever it sounds like, the game should be taught to the kids. they can sit down for a few minutes with a game. They probably do not really play at home, they just accumulate them with objects. But children can be taught wisely, play mindlessly. Initially, we play the little one we like, and we can start newer games as soon as we can. After a while, they come to us to play something. "And the little ones can play didactic games that really don't need anything but a little attention, and if we have something, we're not bored. we have to wait in line or wait for the bus. The minikit for collecting lunch or pet names, for example, is very enjoyable and very smart - explains the educator who thinks he is lucky today. if we see how much our children can develop during play, if we really want to, we will be able to do it. Because we can get close to it through our games, this way strengthen our child's emotional attachment. Think about how fun children can be when they feel that we are really concerned with them: for years and decades there is an awful moment. "

Today I enjoy every minute of it

I gave birth to my baby son thirty-eight years old, my baby was eleven years old at the time - he says Gaabl Tnmea, Levente (21-day-old) and Lilien's (13-year-old) mother. "I'm lucky that it worked out because I couldn't handle Lili very much. She was fifteen when I went back to work, and I only worked part-time, but still And to be honest, at twenty-thirty-thirty years of age, I wanted a lot more of life, not only to be at home with my child, but to have fun, go to the theater, go to the cinema, "my mother says. I also know, maybe I understand that every minute of my life and with all due diligence I live with my little boy. I say, the naughtiness on your face when we have to say goodbye to someone. I just don't want to miss anything. I don't mind if I don't wash it after breakfast, I know, but the minutes spent with Levi will never come back, and I will try to take advantage of the time, "says Timi, who mostly plays with the little boy the little one wants, and Levente knows how much he has ever done. "We play cuddles, but she also loves picture books, fairy tales. She loves being outside, putting a car in the sand, but also getting in the car and doing something like that. even more enthusiastic, even though he was trying to pet our little one to tickle, he is now back home and almost immediately sits down with his son to drive cars. " Related articles in this article: