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What is it like to be born?

What is it like to be born?

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Many people were disappointed that parents had not succeeded in the way they had planned. But what if we examined the question from the perspective of the baby once? What are they going through at this time?

What is her sense of birth?

Even though mothers have a great deal of insight into how they conceive of their birth conditions, there is not much for newborns to say. In fact, everyone is concentrating on the pregnant mother, while the babies are in need. Therefore, it may be interesting to once wonder what these tiny little creatures are going through in the space before the worlds.

Feeling like you're walking through a long, dark tunnel?

Can we imagine in a very deep corner we still remember what it was like to be born? It is possible that this memory would come to life at the moment, but more than just saying that if we were to call this image on a weekly level of consciousness, it would not work. Most of them do not remember how it was first to feel the air in the skin. We can only imagine what an adult was like ...

Small memories

It is very interesting that there are people who can call memories from a very young age (even when they were in the living room), while others have the earliest memories from the age of 6. Everyone else has the ability to remember - this is completely the same thing.

Prepare yourself for the baby!

If you feel frustrated by the circumstances of your baby - it doesn't matter if you give birth to a baby instead of your vagina, or because you have to start a baby, or because you need to " fuck your kid. What did this little man feel like in the first place? How much suffering had he come to bear?

Have you ever thought about the following?

- Often a stress And a reduced oxygen causes the baby's voice to slow down during contractions. What kind of sensation can this be?
- And you really want to finish to cross a terrible narrow "channel"where you get stuck and can't move forward or backward? A physician said that "it is as if our forehead is hit hard and then pressed against a wall from which it cannot move."

Get free

THE szabadsбg probably the best word for what kind of sensation you can give birth. Probably in this case, babies are intrigued by the fact that they are just getting into a luxury private baby's bed or a bath full of water. What may be important to them is that they should be abolished as soon as possible. Probably a megkцnnyebbьlйs the most definite sense.So if you are bitter about why your baby was born this way, just think for a moment about the baby and how he or she could experience health. Don't you see what happened in your eyes in March?They may also be interested in:
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