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7 Things You Must Avoid Before Sleeping

7 Things You Must Avoid Before Sleeping

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Many people turn up at bedtime because they are unable to fall asleep, so Daily Mail Online has asked sleepwalkers what to do to get a better night's sleep.

Some tips for good sleep

"Ideally, you shouldn't get excited about what you usually do at bedtime," says Dr. Eric Kezirian of the University of Southern California. According to the expert, if we dare to change, it is easier to think about it, and we are less likely to wake up late.

It is forbidden to train before going to bed

Бllнtja dr. Janet Kennedy, especially the running, weight lifting number problem, as it takes a while for the accelerated heart rate to return to normal rhythm.

Do not eat heavy food in the evening

This is what Dr. Maurice Ohayon is doing, because in our minds the digestion slows down, but after a big feast the body is incapable of this relaxation.

It is no use reading email and sms before sleeping

Dr. Eric Kezirian it is best not to use any pads, including the father. It is important for our body to understand that it is exclusively for sleep and sex, and that these devices cause light pollution, which also disturbs our minds.

Avoid the storylines that excite us

It is not a good idea to watch a baby before going to bed, just because some programs and news can upset us, which also causes us to fall asleep at night.

Alcohol is not a friend of evil

Although many people drink a glass of wine before going to bed, alcohol makes people wake up several times, but snoring is also more common after drinking alcohol.

Caffeine should also be avoided

It is self-evident that we should not drink coffee, cold, energy drink in pre-sleep rooms, as this will speed up heart rate and cause anxiety.

It is worth sleeping in complete darkness

Experts agree that a small night light source does not hurt, but you should not sleep with light, as this can cause anxiety and frequent wakes.These contents may also be useful:
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