What hinders the development of creativity?

What hinders the development of creativity?

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Many people think that creativity is a skill that a child may or may not possess. Indeed, creativity recognizes a number of attributes, abilities, and it can be developed and inhibited.

What hinders the development of creativity?Seriously, it is possible to block the flow of creative energy from your child, for example, by making the following mistakes.
There is no limit to the amount of time you spend in front of the TV. Kids love the TV, as there are countless interesting and entertaining series of tales that will put them in front of the screen. Unfortunately, watching TV all the time can have a detrimental effect on creativity, as kids can use this simple method to get bored instead of watching some exciting activity. The part of the brain responsible for creativity may thus be somewhat suppressed, thus hindering the development of this ability. It is therefore worth limiting the time spent in front of the screen to a maximum of 1 hour - this includes your smartphone and tablet - which will benefit our children absolutely.

"Do as I said!"

It takes time for children to develop a sense of fear, so it is natural for a parent to be very afraid of them and to teach them how to do it, because he or she sees it as safe. However, if we protect children too much, they may be prone to do not want to deviate from the template: So they are not eager to discover and try new things, which is a huge stumbling block to creativity. It's best to set healthy boundaries for your kids and let them do the things they want, the way they want to.

Instructions instead of asking

Although we do not like adults to travel with us, our children tend to do this. Such as "Relocate," "Solve this problem!", "Clean your room now". The only problem with that is that we think instead of our childwhat, when and how to do it, and not let it solve your problems yourself, according to your time and method. Instead, a much better tactic for problem solving and creativity development is asking the child, "How are you going to do this task?", "When are you going to solve the lesson to get it done in time?" - by giving answers to them, you are already dealing with problem solving.

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In addition, it is useful to motivate the children to find more solutions for each task. Let's encourage them to look for another way to solve the problemsto think about what could be done.

We do not give time and space for creativity

Fkiny for younger children it needs a lot of time for games that develop their imagination and creativity, they should be allowed to engage in these things as much as possible. The other pivotal thing is the space where creative energies can flow: children do not feel good when everything is right and order reigns, but they tend to scatter all things, creatures. If you don't want your entire home to be filled with tiles and paints, papers, select a play space, where your child can pack up his stuff as he plays.

We tell you what creative activity is

Not all children want to buy piano lessons or go to the catholic club. Instead of trying to figure it out, we develop our child in creativity and get him or her engaged in activities that he or she really does not want to do, let them choose what they do. If your kid would rather play flute cube or flutter at home 1 hour per day, the best thing we can do to support it is (The Fisher Price Mega Bloks Classic Flipper)Related articles on Child Development:
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