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Many people have heard of the Apgar ratings, but few know what it is.

What does the Apgar Dealer show?

An important part of giving birth to a newborn is to assess your condition in the simplest possible way, so you can plan for any future care strategy. Apgar's point system corresponded. The name of the system was given to it by the American anesthesiologist Apgar Virginia. The Apgar score is determined to be objective physiological parameter readily perceptible after birth 1 minute 0, 1, and 2, then add up the scores. These physiological parameters are: heart rate, flare, muscle tone, reflex rate, and / or 100 minutes / h. 2 points above the szнvmыkцdйs megнtйlйsйt jelentх йrtйk.Hiбnyzу lйgzйs 0 felьletes, szabбlytalan lйgzйs 1, mнg erхteljes sнrбs two points jelent.Petyhьdt, tуnustalan ъjszьlцtt 0 points gyengйn behajlнtott vйgtagokkal fekvх ъjszьlцtt 1, mнg aktнvan mozgу two points kap.Az nasopharynx soft for probe stimulation: lack of answer 0, face grimace 1, cough or hollow 2 points. let's repeat the rewriting of the listed parameters. Apgar values ​​of 1 minute refer to the condition of the fetus "back", while 5 minutes can be used to predict early neonatal outcome. Summing up the points can be between 0 and 10 points. A score of 10 indicates the best possible condition. In the case of a newborn Apgar grade of 8-10, the mean weight of the neonate means that no further intervention is necessary. The 0-4 Apgar-rated Newborn Intensive Care Unit should be started immediately, with the help of a tube down the staircase and a quick ballooning of the newborn baby. Megfelelх not szнvfrekvencia esetйn szнvmasszбzst vйgzьnk, which according szьksйg gyуgyszeres kezelйssel egйszнtьnk ki.Az tehбt Apgar scoring system is a fast, egyszerыen alkalmazhatу бllapot-megнtйlйsi mуd, which alkalmazбsбval the vilбgrajцtt ъjszьlцtt korбbbi mйhen belьli бllapotбrуl informбciуkat nyerhetьnk and immediate ellбtбs szьksйgessйgйrхl dцnthetьnk.