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9 Methods To Pregnancy Insomnia

9 Methods To Pregnancy Insomnia

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Many people know well before they are pregnant that they have bought the test because they have an incredible level of insomnia. Pregnancy hormones can influence many things in the body, including sleep.

9 Ways To Avoid Pregnancy Insomnia (Source: iStock) Insomnia can be enhanced by changes in hormone levels, and by increasing anxiety and anxiety in the long term. They sleep nocturnally at night, and according to some research, birth can be longer and more painful. Therefore, it is not worth feeling guilty if your mother is dying a little.There are some tricks that can help with the better sleep during pregnancy.
  • It is recommended to consume cherry juice, which contains melatonin - this hormone promotes easier sleep.
  • Notice the changes in our bodies and how we sleep is affected by what we eat and what we eat. You may have had to eat one hour before going to bed, but now it is better to have dinner two to three hours before.
  • Easy exercise can also help us sleep better and release hormones in our body.
  • It is worth lowering your caffeine intake - not least because of your baby.
  • We limit the screen time and do not even make phone calls and laptops before going to bed. The blue light of the screen saver negatively affects melatonin production.
  • A soothing, warm bath can help before going to bed, especially if two drops of chamomile or lavender oil are added to the bath water.
  • Numerous super pregnancy meditation applications are available on the internet that help with relaxation.
  • Poor puncture from a pet can also help us relax before going to bed.
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