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Linea alba test after birth

Linea alba test after birth

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Many do not know that even after months of childbirth, the belly does not go down and looks as if the mother is still pregnant. This is due to the loss of abdominal muscle that needs to be addressed because it can cause fewer problems.

Linea alba test after birth

6 weeks after birth you can start active movement, you should pay attention to the condition of the abdominal muscle.When pregnant, the straight abdominal muscle located at the center of the abdomen is moved away from the meeting point. This is completely normal. During post-partum regeneration, the abdominal muscle returns to the center. However, it often does not occur or does not fully occur, and may break the ovary, even though it may break open. In the middle of the abdomen a dewlap is connected to the linea alba. The abdominal muscle is not just an aesthetic problem (when the mother stays pregnant, she can train as much as she can), but can also be a source of other ailments, such as backache, waist, spinal problems, incontinence, lean body. rizikуk:
- twin pregnancy
- Significant increase in weight during pregnancy
- Short pregnancy between two pregnancies
- Over 35 years
- getting pregnantEveryone should have the linea alba test done at 6 weeks after birth, which is fortunately easy to do at home, Breathe in and do an abdominal exercise: Raise your head and shoulders with one hand under your forehead, while the other fingers should be inserted from your shoulders into your abdomen. You can also feel the length and width of the stretch: light fingers between the straight abdominal muscles. If rйs kйtujjnyinбl szйlesebb, йrdemes technician fordulni.Йrdemes gyуgytornбsszal beszйlni йs today it has already szerencsйre technikбk lйteznek so that the orvosolhatу segнtsйgйvel problйma (LoveYourBelly-mуdszer or Gyerьnk Anyukбm edzйsei kцzцtt also included vonatkozу direct szйtnyнlt edzйs gyakrolatok abdominal muscle) of you have already .Megelхzйskйppen йrdemes perform specific abdominal muscle strengthening exercises before and during pregnancy, pay attention to your posture and do not lift heavy objects.
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