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Sport and breastfeeding

Sport and breastfeeding

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Many fear that the amount of milk and the taste of breast milk may change as a result of physical exertion. Do we really need to give up sport? And the big deal, too?

It is a completely normal and weekly phenomenon since breastfeeding women are taking part in their daily activities. Those who have bigger, but still needing to watch out for their children know that it is not uncommon for athletic performance to be able to track, lift, carry, put down, run afterwards and so on all day long. There is no doubt that most mothers also use to cook, cook and shop, not to mention the variety of shoes!
In addition, anyone who is running strength and time can indulge in a weekly five-day gymnastics session, and with a high degree of quality, your milk will be neither worse nor worse than before. The main problem is more about organizing this weekly light event. Who looks after the baby? There is also a fitness club where you can take care of your children.

So start playing sports

- Gradually lift the load! Always do as much as you do not feel strenuous at a time. You can start with five minutes of gymnastics in front of the screen at home or five minutes of running in the park. From the second day you can increase the time to ten minutes. It's good if you don't develop muscle.
- Before exercising, breastfeed your baby to make your breasts looser (so they are more weary) and the little one should not starve while you are out.
- Wear a well-worn sports bra. It's important not to squeeze or cut anywhere, but keep your breasts in place better.
- As much as you want, even when you're out and about.
- Take a shower or wash your breasts, because the perspiration and perspiration can disturb the baby.
Ideal forms of exercise for breastfeeding women
- callanetics
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- slide
- aerobics, stepaerobics without acrobatic jumping elements
- spinning, turret machines
- Yeah, yeah
- spine-excercise
- tбnc (hastбnc, latin dances)
- outing, walking
- cycling
Breastfeeding is less recommended for women
- running
- Sports with many jumps, high kills, and risk of rain (Combat Sports)
- ball team players

Is it free to fall?

Usually yes! We don't recommend it if your nipple is brittle, no matter how tiny it is. It can be a problem if the water is too cold, and you can compensate for this with a good hot shower afterwards. Among different types of butterflies, it is advisable to postpone the butterfly to a time when the little one suckles once. Take off your wet swimsuit as soon as possible! Swimming pool water is generally very clear, rinse yourself thoroughly. The baby may be disturbed by the taste and smell of body poles, deodorants, so be more sorry for them or be careful not to smear them on your breasts. The same considerations apply to aqua gymnastics.
Does the milk sour?
Vigorous exercise raises blood lactic acid levels and, as a result, increases the amount of this acidic, slightly bitter substance in breast milk. Therefore, in the past, it was recommended that the first portion of milk should be skimmed and shed by the mother after exercising. This is, however, largely unnecessary! Your baby will breastfeed just as much when you're exercising, even if your mom is not exercising. Of course, there may be some sensitive trivia who are just grimacing with the rumors of exercising. In this case, you might try throwing around a dozen milliliters and then only put it on your breast afterwards. However, be sure to first check if anything else caused the nausea (sweat, chlorine water, body polish, perfume). Studies have shown that lactic acid levels in breast milk after exercising cannot be reduced by moving with well-drained breasts. However, you can definitely achieve by eliminating the risk of inflammation and blockage of the milk canal. This is probably the most important aspect. Milk-producing breasts are very sensitive to external physical effects, and this tendency to multiply in the case of fullness!

You can't make a big mistake!

Exercising is definitely fun, just because it helps to relieve tension, gives you success, and turns off your work wheels a bit. You may find that this way, your choice of exercise will not do any good to your milk production because you will experience a decrease. In this case, there is nothing to lose, as you can safely switch to another form of exercise and the need for more milking, as it is not a irreversible process, will reverse the effect of more frequent breastfeeding.
Sports and weight loss
If the sole purpose of exercise is to reduce body weight, we need to add one aspect to this. Breastfeeding methods that are more than half weekly during breastfeeding are not recommended. Beware of different, consumable drugs, dietary supplements, and sports combined, as they can all result in excessively high levels of nutrition, and not at all.
Your solution at home
You don't have to leave home to move around and get comfortable with it. You can help a lawyer with gym exercises, a stomach band and, of course, the baby, who can do some great weight lifting exercises like abdominal muscles, lying on the lower leg. All this does not affect the amount of milk, but the muscle development, good mood more!