A parent can also help make your child a good mathematician

A parent can also help make your child a good mathematician

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According to experts, early mathematical skills are probably more important than literacy, and they also determine a child's lower school performance, and even his or her adult salary.

You can make sure you're a good mathematician

Yet, far fewer studies have been devoted to how parents can help their children develop this skill. However, researchers at Boston College were they often played games where the quantity of objects had to be counted, At ages 4.5 and 5, performed better in mathematics. Throughout the experiment, professionals observed how moms behave in a situational game where three-year-olds make money. 140 Boston anyбrуl йs gyermekйrхl kйszнtettek egyenkйnt tнzperces felvйteleket, йs megбllapнtottбk to those children whose anyukбja the jбtйk kцzben segнtett lot of tбrgyak szбmolgatбsбban the нrott szбmok felismerйsйben or йppen the kйszletben levх tбrgyak szбmbavйtelйben, kйsхbb better teljesнtettek sorбn mathematical problems like those whose mother was not there in that form. Earlier children were easier to cope with additions and subtractions. As the research lead Beth Casey, a fellow at Boston College, many children can account for so long without having any idea what the numbers are. Parents can help show children how to put together a packet from two to three boards and find out how many things are in a packet. For example, to show the greenery that we now put two apples in the basket, or ask them to put three glasses on the table, funds.