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Is the shelter working effectively?

Is the shelter working effectively?

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The aging of our organs also depends on the number of factors involved, the magnitude of the verbalization, and the variety of diseases. The hide is the only one with an average lifetime of just forty weeks.

Ultrasound examination can verify the condition of the bed

How do you know if it works well?Dr. Győrgy Szхnyi G1 Institution: Aging of a butterfly is just as normal as any other organ, but it plays faster. However, some of the newborns are born with much less weight than we expect based on the length of pregnancy. One of the reasons for this is the malfunctioning of the placenta, its premature aging - a sign of calcification. The organs of the placenta, like those of the elderly, are calcified and then faded. As a result, twenty square meters of the original surrounding area gradually begin to shrink. Whitewashed fleas are unable to provide the fetus with oxygen and nutrients; slowing down the development of the inside, and in severe cases oxygen deficiency, in the worst case all death may. Бm as long as a third of the butterfly is still functional, it can keep the fetus alive.It is sometimes difficult to recognize the danger because, if the aging process is not smooth, the condition of the bed can be rapidly reduced even between examinations. That is why, rarely, but before the birth, the cake may get so old that it is unable to feed the fetus.


The maturation of the cake, ie aging, the calcification process and its value is followed by ultrasound in the mandatory examinations.
Zero-to-three scale scales are graded by degree of maturity:
0: smooth fetal surface, uniform structure
1: light wavy surface, lime grain close to the fetal surface
2: custom surface, clearings shift over maternal surface
3: Mature pie, whitewashed settlements

What Hurts to Slow Aging?

Genetic susceptibility is not Our way of life, our ailments play a decisive role. Improperly treated high blood pressure, some metabolic diseases (such as diabetes), and smoking are the most important causes of bedding.. Consuming cigarettes on a regular basis accelerates all aging processes, and also causes diseases that may have occurred only years later. The structure of the butterfly, the delicate small veins of its fluff, are very sensitive to adverse effects. Smoky women have fluffy flocks after childbirth which, due to increased calcification, vary almost "blue". During pregnancy care, blood pressure and urine white matter are regularly measured. If these values ​​deviate from the norm, they will try to find and eliminate the causes in the background. The terhesgondozбs sorбn vйgzett ultrahangvizsgбlat the kцldцkzsinуron бtбramlу vйrmennyisйg mйrйse (flowmetry) and third vйgzett harmadбban the terhessйg magzatiszнvhang-ellenхrzх vizsgбlatok (CTG) and the fetus egйszsйges fejlхdйsйt szolgбljбk.Szerencsйre relatively ritkбn sъlyos lepйnykбrosodбs formed so that due to having to finish the terhessйget. This is to try to keep the fetus as mature as possible. You may also be interested in:
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