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Winners of the "Country Jigsaw" Competition Winners of UAE Cocoa and Kicks

Winners of the "Country Jigsaw" Competition Winners of UAE Cocoa and Kicks

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On Saturday, invited its most active stockbrokers to the cocktail party in line with the traditions of previous years.

The winners of the "Jetty of the country" competition were tested

In one of the rooms at Gellér, a real "play cave" was conjured up where the invited guests could survive the Country Jytica 2016 competition Again, our inquiries aroused our expectations, and from two o'clock in the evening to weekly, many, many children, their parents, and grandparents came forward. Once again, a true family program has succeeded in meeting the traditional community - he emphasized Peter TбlosiBy the end of the evening, it was estimated that more than 2,500 people had the chance to personally try out the competing and award-winning games. On the huge playground carpet and the tables without stopping, the kids enjoyed a whole lot of new and new games Spletto!and that's it Up the rock! noisy, loud jerks erupted on the heels of a successful flick ICE Cool In our fun games, the kids were queuing up to try out the drawn robot turtle, and the dealers had to put in more pieces so that all the kids could program the human voice teksto named dog robot ... We took each other out View Master The smallest ones were followed by the rotating turtle's motion. Bigger cats have tried the perfume science set, but have liked the latest Barbie's a baby also… It was possible to plasticize, more than anything, to draw creatively, to make a frame of colored wooden beams, to shed blood… And whoever got the delicious cocoa from the heat of the game could make chocolatey sauce. The scenes were alive, the scales were diminishing - the mood was great. If possible, this was also done by the story of the family's party locker, Gedeon Gunnar Gedeon Libabбl cнmы Introduction to CD, a Veronaki band elхadбsбban.A kцzцnsйgtalбlkozу йkes pйldбja of how the felйrtйkelхdik vevхkцzцnsйggel kialakнtott the kцzvetlen contact, mйg even if a specific web vбsбrlбsra specializбlуdott бruhбzrуl beszйlьnk, as the faceless amъgy digitбlis kereskedх-vбsбrlу kйzzelfoghatуvб relationship at this time, szemйlyessй vбlik.