I feel good about my skin again!

I feel good about my skin again!

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Our beauty team got back to work. Now we've given Diva some ideas on how to switch from a little tidbit to a workplace manager with a few little tricks.


Diána Saбr-Palбnki (33) applied for the change from Balassagyarmat. - Baby, Hanna was born on January 3, 2012 - wrote in a letter. - Before I was born, I was a sales and marketing executive at a local company where my appearance was given special emphasis. Although I have some time to go back, but the months are running fast, and you won't want to be in the closet one year later on the first working morning with the exclamation of "God, what should I wear?" It is also important that my boyfriend and baby are proud of their pretty, working mom and want to be successful in my job again, which requires the right confidence and the right look.


It was first handled by our stylist, VI Kozak-Ignatius. Our model was hesitantly searching for plenty of clothes, but she was definitely in control of the dress.
"Fuck trousers!" the crosshair pointed, and Dia was pale.
"Don't! Let it!"
But Йvi was adamant, and he just leaned on the girl. Meanwhile, he caught a leopard sweater, a black coat, a braid, a scarf, a belt - and Slim's tension began to slowly release. And the soldier's overalls immediately charmed the young mother.

The hairstyle changes

After the dress, the hairstyle was done. Slide did not regret her short, dull brown hair, but Zoltán Hegedыs, a hairdresser at the Allure salon, waved her down. - Wait for the end! he said hypocritically, and finished and began painting. A reddish, cool, modern hairstyle was on the verge.
Horacs Bgi Make-up artist painted Dab and taught her basic makeup techniques. The technician said that our model had a light job: flawless complexion, clean eyes, and beautiful features. They only had to go into the details, the line of sight, the mouth contour. The colors immediately conjured up a new woman.

The Mummy's changed team

As she used to be, the mother of a toddler was dissolved for photography. s Even the occasional Hanna baby could not exclude the joyful mood, and by the time the whole operation was over, the whole day of shifting was over. Fortunately, Stephen Szilágyi's photographic camera captured every moment.