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Why can't I lose weight after childbirth if I barely eat?

Why can't I lose weight after childbirth if I barely eat?

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After childbirth, most women have the great fear that they will be unable to regain their pre-pregnancy weight.

Why can't I lose weight after childbirth if I barely eat?

Of course, it takes some time to regain your competitive edge, but if you can't get rid of excess weight on a long diet, it's worth looking back at what may be causing the overweight. Dr. Ildikou Lхrincz, the Center for Nursing in Nizhny Novgorod, said what disorders can lead to complaints that affect many.

How long does it take to get back to pre-natal form?

During pregnancy, women's body weight changes are significant, as in addition to weight gain, blood volume increases, placenta, fetal water and, of course, the baby results in all the extra sheep. It is important to know that if a pregnant woman is paying attention to her nutrition and her regular physical activity during pregnancy, a very small part of the genre. It follows that after the birth and after the regeneration of the mother, if the mother had a healthy lifestyle, she will regain her old weight. you have to eat principle instead of two then it will take longer and you will need a proper diet and regular exercise. Yes, but it may happen that a relatively long time has passed since you were born, that you are healthy, and that less is the language of the balance.

Hormonal dysfunction may be present in the background of the ovary

According to Dr. Ildikú Lincrincz of the Center for Dermatology, it is not uncommon for women to be postpartum after birth some hormone disorder develops, which are often overexposed. Sometimes you just have a problem because your body needs a little more time to get back to normal. However, it is very common for a woman to become pregnant after thyroid dysfunction develops. This is because, during pregnancy, the immune system is weakened due to the protection of the fetus, but it is reinforced after birth. When you are sensitive, you may develop thyroiditis, which is often manifested by organ failure, which is a symptom of overexposure to diet or diet. laborvizsgбlattal TSH, T3, T4 and ATPO should be checked and the thyroid should be examined by ultrasound. .Thyroid dysfunction
- normal overeating
- fradradon
- postpartum depression
- a reduction in the quantity of milk
- hair loss
- constipation
- Interesting Facts That You Were Not To Know About Our Childbirth Weight
- Signs suggestive of thyroid dysfunction