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We dare to apologize

We dare to apologize

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We dare to apologize to our parents because we can only teach our children the same.

We dare to apologize

Apologizing is not humiliation, because you can make mistakes. You don't have to whip yourself to say we've done something wrong now. Why don't we feel this again? Maybe because our parents didn't feel it, either Cziglбn Carolina psychologist on the diva.The present-day generation of parents is likely to have never apologized to his parents, but he was expected to apologize to them as a small child. Most people have a hard time telling you not to be sorry, I apologize, I apologize, and actually they don't go easy because we haven't learned, because we were not taught themwhen they were children. Apologizing for parental stricture does not teach empathy, responsibility, or repentance to a child, I'm sorry, but something goes wrong. Not the same to complain, and not the same to be friends, worthy and loving, we made a mistake, and we regret that we have done so - this pattern remains And also from our children. The good example would be for the parent to apologize not knowingly, but in the knowledge that he has made a mistake now, and that it is natural to apologize. No need utбlni цnmagunkat azйrt because of something gone wrong, but also the бt be йrezni that mбsikat to enjoy the fact that you have already reached this kommunikбljuk felй.Ha idбig, you can also watch йrdemes, how we apologize. Do not say something that we will not be able to adhere to, and do not assume that we will not raise our voice, if we know for certain that it will not work. Forgiveness has one greetings and if you don't know what's best for you, you can ask the kid about it. But let's make sure don't be a business: don't forgive me for getting something for it. It is also important that we do not apologize and make the child responsible for the error. two on the spot at the same time. The szьlхnek need to know at this time that the children who could not go to the elхadбsбra will csalуdott, this should give sound, ilyenfйlekйppen: Sajnбlom to fбjt you that I was not there. This is a situation where the parent did not make a mistake, but the situation was worse for the others. Therefore, it is a matter of choosing to share it with sadness. Of course, apologizing does not automatically mean that the other is immediately forgiving. You have the time to overcome sadness or anger. Never extort forgiveness from children (and of course from adults). She has to get there by herself.
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