The woman who would be pregnant for a while

The woman who would be pregnant for a while

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Tara Sawyer gave birth to seven children who were her own, and she carried three babies. He has become aware of the state of expectation to the point where he wants to keep giving birth while his organization allows it.

When she is not pregnant, Tara feels overwhelmed and desperate for carrying a life again, but she does not want her own child anymore, so she has offered to give herself to women who want something. with a kid who had all these cravings, and I never feel as good as when I was pregnant, "said a woman who had previously dealt with children with learning difficulties.
Tara gave birth to 3 children under two years bйranyakйntand, surprisingly, she had missed any maternal sentiment, even though she was carrying them under her heart for 9 months. But as he puts it, he doesn't feel like giving up on the child, but rather gives it back to who he is, because he actually cared about it for 9 months. The woman herself was adopted as a toddler, and there is a strong expectation that she would help anyone who is a child to receive this gift.
She does skin care completely for free, she doesn't accept any money for the 9-month-old "unusual waitress". For the bride, the perfect solution is because she loves to be pregnant, but she doesn't want any more kids with her boyfriend, so she started promoting herself on Facebook, where a gay couple first asked for help. Tara does not overdo her body, says she is in better shape than she was at the age of three, she always takes vitamins pregnant, sleeps and jogs, and is healthy.