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Getting pregnant with PCOS? It can help a lot, but not enough

Getting pregnant with PCOS? It can help a lot, but not enough

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Increased thickening, obsession, acne - these can all be symptoms of PCOS that we admit are very damaging to one's self-confidence.

Getting pregnant with PCOS? It can help a lot, but not enoughAlthough the causal therapy for complaints is diet, exercise, medication triumph, but if one does not want a child in the immediate vicinity, it may also take conception to alleviate the symptoms. Dr. Polyбk Annamabria, Endocrine Center of Buda, endocrinologist opinion in the body.

Mustache, bearded woman? PCOS can cause it!

Almost everyone has met women who have long, dark hairs in the field and mustache. This is most often caused by one of the most common diseases of our time, insulin resistance / PCOS. This is because the male sex hormones are overstated, which may result in the appearance of male masculine signs. Such as strong hairs in the mustache / specialist area, hair loss, appearance of acne, abdominal obesity, androgenous hair loss. a smaller or larger cyst is formed, says dr. Annamaria Polyak, Endocrine Center of the Buda Endocrine Center.If you experience such symptoms - which may include other causes of infertility, menstrual disturbance, worthwhile OGTT test to check if your blood glucose levels are lower, problem, and it is worth examining the amount of FSH / LH (they are normally in equilibrium).

Pregnancy suppresses symptoms

If someone does not want a child in the immediate vicinity and relieves the unpleasant symptoms, they can take the affected child to reduce the symptoms. Because antibiotic pills suppress complaints - that's why PCOS is often discovered after stopping the drug. Against this background, tablets are meant to temporarily restore hormonal balance due to their estrogen and progesterone content.

Not only eliminate the symptoms, but also PCOS!

Although symptom relief is a success, but for healing it is not enough to suppress it, it requires causal therapy. If a child wants to have a baby, then PCOS can become infertile, and in the background insulin resistance can go away without Type 2 diabetes if properly treated. To eliminate this underlying problem, it is very important to first optimize your body weight with a personalized diet and regular exercise.Since PCOS is often a consequence of distribution, refined bacon and white sugar, and maximized CH and calorie intake. If the doctor thinks so, medication support may be warranted.
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