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"Slow" cesarean section is almost like natural birth

"Slow" cesarean section is almost like natural birth

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Also known as "natural cups" is the new method that can help to avoid babies born with traditional cupping, often affecting the lymphatic system and the mother more quickly.

"Slow" cesarean section is almost like natural birth

The essence of the method is for doctors to allow the newborn to protrude from the womb itself, rather than having to lift it out of the womb. A small incision is made on the womb, and the baby's head is removed and then let him put his own shit out, as in the case of natural birth. With the help of the procedure, it takes approximately four minutes for the baby to be born, and then the baby is placed on the mother's chest, In many cases they have been tested in practice, and researchers are conducting further surveys throughout the summer. It is planned that the new procedure will soon be available on a TB basis.
Currently, in the United Kingdom, she gives birth to a female cup, a figure that has doubled since 1990. Worldwide woman the number of babies born with a cup, but professionals want to reduce that number because it can bring with it a number of complications.
The method of the "natural cupid" can be a compromise solution in cases where conventional birth control is impossible, but doctors want to reduce the complication of cesarean section.


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