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So (don't) have a baby holiday!

So (don't) have a baby holiday!

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In social chat, you have surprisingly heated discussions when your baby is on holiday. Irresponsibility, and others, make it relax - so one side. Let the family together with the family. Who is right?

Not a little, a little careful

Are you free to go on vacation with a baby and two children under the age of two? Before the total ban, even the parents of those who are on the verge of freedom of decision, start to express their opinions frantically: utaznбnak. No wonder, for example, someone without a balcony upstairs is planning a vacation, but living in a family house with a garden can be the best place to have yourself and your toddler at home.
That's for sure a couple of weeks after birth neither the mother nor the newborn need to relocate: then the stable, safe home conditions are the best fit for both of them. , pregnancy, more susceptible to possible infections, less skin physically - not accidentally counting for six weeks during childbirth. A little shorter, a few months old baby can think about it. With breast milk only, relocation is relatively easier, as breastfeeding provides security, milk is always ready, at the right temperature, in sterile "packaging", but you should think about it, but , drinking water used for warming up, the dishes and bottles can be reliably cleaned, not to mention the extra meals at the time of parting.

It's up to them

It is a very important circumstance where the infant and the parents' life-style and agenda are formed, whether they have succeeded in adapting to each other. If your baby is lousy, sleeps irregularly, and needs to be woken up many times over the night, then it is probably not advisable to wake her up again, get things done first at home.The decision of the parents also depends on the mentality of the couple: if the couple was "mobile" in the first few months, and the little ones do not have problems with moving, he is willing to stay or stay calm, calm, etc. it is absolutely necessary to adhere to the basic principle of "the best in the safety of the baby at home". However, it is worse if the parents themselves do not think so! However, it is not uncommon for beaches in mommy face baby mother, who, under the conditions more uncomfortable than at home, is alone reluctant to take care of the little while the daddy enjoys partying, playing football, and eating with his friends. Such a vacation is in no way to the benefit of either the parent's relationship or the baby.If you decide to leave, all members of the family must take part of its troubles, of its joys. Of course, this should not be done "on the go" but at home. Nor is it unimaginable or restful - of course, only if you are not breastfeeding and have a keen, child-friendly and loving caring family member - to spend some days alone, to stabilize their relationship.

Where, where?

It is best to look for a baby-friendly baby. Unfortunately, in Hungary there is still a small hotel, bed and breakfast, which is very much in front of the needs of toddlers and their parents, but if you do, the name of the parents spreads quickly. For the first time, it is worth planning a relaxation for just a few days, for an extended weekend. During this, you will find out how small the unusual conditions, tiredness, and tiredness occasion. Visiting a distant living relative is also a good way to "test" the family and let's get the baby used to changing. It is a fortune if parents are parents of young children themselves: they are equipped with everything they may need, and they understand that if a small baby is needed, there is a need intended for the holidays - so parents and toddlers will find their company and have a good time. Generally, it is advisable to keep your home agenda as foreign as possible - this will reassure you a little, give it security. However, it is not recommended , youthful, athletic young parents too.It is not advisable to go too far for the first time - not to travel for days at all. If they leave for a longer car in March, they are ready have a refreshing rest. Your small usual blanket, sleeping bag, stroller, and, if you eat some vegetables, the well-known baby food can make environmental change easier.

24 hours service

Clever family work sharing can help a lot, but in fact, with a toddler, the shift is 24 ounces, during the holidays as well as at home. For a moment, attention should not diminish, in a foreign environment, even less exposed to new influences.

Holiday with baby

One of the sources of danger is sunlight: the sensitive, light skin of a small child is much more affected than that of the whitest skin. It is strictly forbidden to sunbathe a child between the ages of 11 and 15, and wearing a cap, tricot or shirt, panties and other high-light items, and the use of high-performing media is essential. Babies should still be looked after - with at least foliage above it when it is aerated. As healthy as it may be, bathing can be dangerous. Neither beach pools nor fresh water are good for young children, fertхzйsveszйly should not be allowed to enter the water that adults use. Szomorъ lбtvбny when the beleьlnek gyerekmedencйbe or lбbukat belelуgatjбk the csemetйjьkre vigyбzу anyukбk - veszйlyeztetve with the szбmukra mйgoly бrtalmatlan baktйriumflуrбjukat бtadjбk the vйdtelen against this babбknak.A youngest of the pancsolбsra legmegfelelхbb sajбt felfъjhatу a small pool or a large akбr mыanyag tбl. But leave it alone for a second, as a baby can drown in tens of centimeters of water if it slips, it falls bad! Just as the home doctor's phone is at home, the name of the care, so on vacation, in a strange place, it is advisable to discuss them on the first day. No need - but if you were in trouble, you would be less afraid to turn to someone for help.Articles that may be useful:
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