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Tips to get your baby to sleep on hot nights

Tips to get your baby to sleep on hot nights

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After a fire, close the windows and shade the room where the sun is shining with blinds or blinds. Only after a night of fire can we open it again, and in quiet time we can do a crossover. Simple tips for a hot flash.

You don't need too many clothes for the night

Hang on wet sheets in the apartment. During the daytime and at night, a baby boot is enough. In case of pre-sleep stress, make a nice warm bath in the bathtub or take a shower. Let the bathtub be filled with cold water, let it splash, sail, bathe in it - not sitting in it, just standing beside it. Stay in the bathroom with it! We make different shapes and colors of ice cubes with water colors and plastic shapes. Put it in a plastic bag or tray, you have to pack it in it. It is exciting to be careful about the different points of the body, to get used to the little kid, and to trim his or her arms and legs. Be careful not to take a small piece of ice in your mouth! Let's play these cool games on one of the two hours before going to bed. Szokбsos you can change your berth on a mattress: The floor is cooler on the floor. A blanket will do it for Takarou.If the family's agenda allows it, We can transform our Mediterranean lifestyle: Let's delay the bedtime when the air has cooled slightly and actually settled. Then we can make a little walk, and then maybe the little one will fall asleep. He may sleep longer in the morning, but if not, the hotness of the city will surely fall on the carpet beside his playroom in the shaded room.They may also be interested in:
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