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Dm Has Made 55 Thousands Of Sunshine Throughout The Country (X)

Dm Has Made 55 Thousands Of Sunshine Throughout The Country (X)

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More than 400 schools have applied for the DM and submitted an educational application called "Children of the Sun - How to Become a Child with the Sun", published for the fourth time by DM.

The program aims to raise public awareness, with the help of professionals, especially parents and educators. the importance of sun protection, and support Hungarian schools with sunscreens on their application. THE Garnier Ambre Solaire, the melanoma Cell And it is One-serviced - the Hungarian Children's Culture Public Foundation a cooperative partner was included with the program.A dm bouncers supported their sun care by offering their active beauty points. As a result, 55,000 children were able to provide enough sunscreen for the program and positively screened institutions for the whole summer. Winning schools receive 50 pieces of sunscreen, coloring booklets, and an educational board game that really helps children learn and teach the basics of proper sun protection.
Again, the Drugstore would like to thank its stockbrokers for contributing their point donations to the success of the Initiative!
A list of the winning schools and the most creative application materials is available at