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Children eat too much sugar

Children eat too much sugar

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Children eat too much sugar; According to surveys, young people between the ages of 2 and 18 consume more sugar as recommended by the WHO, according to Emese Antal, a dietician with a dozen or so calories.

The specialist said that according to the 2014 National Diet and Nutrition Test, adult sugar consumption remains below the recommendation, only 8-9 percent.Kids eat too much sugar (photo: iStock) Beszйlt arrуl is that tцbbek due to tъlzott cukorfogyasztбs kцzцtt two tнpusъ cukorbetegsйg, szнv- йs йrrendszeri betegsйgek йs elhнzбs may occur ki.A brown sugar йs not egйszsйgesebb the nбdcukor than kristбlycukor because the same amount to energiбt, helyettьk inkбbb csцkkentett cukortartalmъ termйkeket йrdemes vбlasztani - emphasized by the dietitian.
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