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Brother on the horizon…

Brother on the horizon…

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We are the first parent, we overcome a lot of difficulties, and the baby is coming down well, the second one can come! Yeah, but what does the first thing mean?

Not necessarily overwhelmed with happiness, but there is a lot we can do to make your brother's arrival a joyous event!

From the first minute

Even very young children are noticed when their moms behave abnormally: they are always lame, sick, irritable - and larger cats are asking about the strangest.
It's not worth secreting very much, because sooner or later, things will come to light and the little one might feel like their parents have been deceived. Let's tell him everything he wants, according to his age. Of course, the situation is different if you are afraid of buying something - in this case, it is better to wait for the dangerous period to pass.

What to say?

Two to three years old, a toddler notices that he is born a little brother, and may have seen others with big tummies. At this age, "how did you go in?" and "what's coming out?" only rarely asked. If you are not particularly interested, then at the beginning we will say that mother is baby, and that is why her body will change. However, the parents are almost certainly nailed to parents by their inquiries.


There is no need to consider anatomy as a baby, but whatever you say, it must always be true. The time of the goulashes is already very old! Luminous books for little ones, which are free of wall switching, can help, but in many ways tell the story of how children are born, according to their age.

At the center: Х

Little ones love to hear about themselves. Here's the best time to take a photo album and get some fun together when he was in the tummy. These intimate, attention-only conversations can trigger a series of inquiries, so you shouldn't think twice about what you have to say. Let's tell you what it was like when we expected himto prepare for your birth! The terribly worn-out Kurdish armband, the first photographers, the little dresses, reinforce the sense that his person is very important.

It's difficult to share

However cautious and attentive we are to our firstborn, you are almost certainly going to be watching the events with a sense of distraction from your parents. Though the values ​​may be different, there are tiny ones who will be just a little bit sadder, more loving, but there may also be broader manifestations.
At a young age, a decline in room cleanliness, eating disorders, bigger nightmares, and behavioral problems can call attention to the fact that the child is distracted by something. They find it particularly difficult to accept that because of the growing tummy of their mother, they cannot be lifted so many times, and that more intense games are paused for a few months.
That's when the Father's time comes! You can wrestle with them unlimited, and jump on and on. The little ones are very well-meaning and cooperative if we approach them well. Let's learn that Mom can only caress, hug, embrace, the rest of the father's business. Of course, for this to happen, motherly love must continue to be felt and felt.

Don't bother!

"Your playmate will be over!" - the child often hears it, and he / she believes it. How frustrating is it for these helpless babies who just eat, sleep, and shit, and they shouldn't even be caught because they are so fragile! If you are prepared to have a lot of things to do with the baby at first, but it can help, you will not feel the same change.
However, we are not prepared for the possible night rushes, but the exhaustion of the parents. That's why let's get family members involved in their little lives in the future so that they don't have to confront their father after birth or his grandmother goes for it. When looking for a baby with a baby, we strive to get to know and love each other in time.

Crossing a car

Children are very attached to their personal belongings and habits, so we have to be careful when it comes to the things he has used so far, whether it is a small blanket or even a baby's car. task is to push these two kids.
The baby carriage is not cheap and is relatively unnecessary and relatively impossible to transport. It is better to leave the big brother in his car and carry the little one with us, which gives you greater freedom of movement. It is a great idea to get a step ladder for your existing car, but here too, of course, you have to be persuaded to take a seat instead.


When a brother is born, it is easy for a little few days to see her mother, unless she is born in a family-friendly family. That's why prepare for our absence!
Because the father will probably be with the baby, somebody else will take care of the small child who is staying at home. Don't forget to call your attention to this in advance, let's say who you will be with, who you will spend your birth days with. If you need to sleep somewhere else, this should not be your first time in life, try it a few times in the past.

Now it's big

In many families, it is time for the baby to move out of the baby, the little one will be lame and the big one will get a new one. By no means do you say that the baby needs the bed and that is why he or she has to give up the roula - let's get closer to the side to get a big and nice baby, and of course, the baby is well done. As a seniority, let's give him privileges: for example, he should be up and running in ten minutes. Let's make smaller decisions (which sock should your baby wear?).
Let's try to imagine ourselves: how can everyone skip a little? Ask the brothers to get a little involved first. Guide them to the baby. It will also feel important and "great". After a week or two, you can get new tasks: push the stroller, rock it in the hanger, "tinkle" with it, or have it entertained (sings, says).

I have no time for anything! "
Screen the tasks that are not important or urgent. Let's put them in place for some rest or fun.

"Yes, I deal with all the hardships!"
Don't try to prove it now! Nobody's power is endless - accept courageous help that it will not be a less valuable person and less a good mother.

"Every day is the same"
Let's find a kid-friendly program, ask Dad to "escape" from the diet-sleeping-diaper cycle. And let's combine today with what it was a month ago: how much have the little ones been developing? "

What will we need?

To get started:
  • old photos of the "big" baby;
  • baby books, "lighted books";
  • baby diaper diaper (also for toddlers);
  • demanding, new storybooks, card games, board games - to choose from.

When the little one came

(as required):
  • experienced, supportive friends, relatives;
  • Emergency Shoe Box with pocket, patterned cassette, and other interesting but unsafe items;
  • hangman - this is where the big one can rock.

Don't go back!

THE two years of age is not enough to publicize our firstborn. It is during the racking period that he often finds that in his experimentation of gloom, a good few things are still not as easy as he wants. They also prefer to be treated temporarily younger, and this role will be eliminated. However, it is wise enough to notice that the baby is preferred. That is why we should always give her first breakfast, cocoa, tell her a story, sing to her - as we have done so far.
Let's prepare her a little tray of fruit juice, a fruit table, green snacks while we breast-feed a little. Let's sit down with him and tell him so that he can enjoy these intimate moments. Of course, if you are immersed in the game, take advantage of the trouble-free minutes. Let's sew or buy her and her little brother some uniforms. We put the baby on paper, granny in a dollhouse, a zoo, and not the other way around.
Observe what you like better: taking part in your baby's activities or just dealing with it. We can rest assuredly to your senses! The relationship between the brothers and sisters will change, but we can save a lot of bitterness in the first half by keeping in mind our sensibility.
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