Do you know what the Inventory List is?

Do you know what the Inventory List is?

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Although the nursery school has been open for a few weeks now, there are still children who are not always free of ovis' weekdays. If you still have opinions about the habituation book, read on, we'll help you overcome the hardships!

Getting used to parents and children is difficult

Beginning in kindergarten is a new chapter in a child's life. New tasks, new life situations await you. Even if you are prepared for it in advance, the familiarization period may be delayed.

Causes of Miir

"There are many things that can be found in the difficult school-based background." he begins Fodor Annamбria, the ubiquitous ubiquitous school of the Gazdagreti Heart. "There are a million reasons why a child doesn't want to stay in kindergarten. It may be too close to the mother and child, and the child may not want to stay with the rest of the child. the trust of the child, or the little one simply does not feel safe in the midst of many jingling contemporaries. "
According to Ounun, the problem is often that the child who has dropped out of school has not yet gone through certain socialization processes. "Children who were valiant have fewer problems with getting used to it. The biggest challenge is getting children who have not been to the playground, the playground, the first time they live, and the first time they live. Mother's 'detachment' is also difficult and she loses separation. "

Success depends on you!

It may sound strange at first, but surely we parents can do most to put an end to the weekly routine. According to Annamaria Fodor, the first step is to help with the small integration of your nun's advice. "Cooperation between parents and children is very important. Based on our many years of experience, we recommend to parents what to look out for when it comes to getting used to it. If you hurry to get to work and leave home, your child will take on a tense mood and will want to stay in kindergarten for less.
According to your children, in addition to a relaxed morning start, the other key to success in getting used to your child is to feel safe in kindergarten. This will happen if the parent is uncertain. If the parent is confident that he or she has chosen a good schoolgirl, a young lady whom he or she can trust, the child will feel that too. Therefore, it is important to pay close attention to your child during the familiarization period. The formerly sympathetic mother of yours may not be as sympathetic or the group may have a few bad bone seedlings that will frighten your child. In this case, be patient and give the child some time to get used to the situation, but if you really think that the personal conflict is causing him or her a problem, you may want to choose a group or school.

Here's the best tip for completing your familiarity book

With the help of Annamaria, we have collected a few tips that will surely help you complete your familiarization checklist.

1. Shortcut

Just one last kiss! One last touch! Our child looks at us with Ubiquitous Bambi eyes, his eyes are light in the corners, and as soon as he starts out of the group door to the hallway, he puts his seventeenth morning farewell kiss on our face. Of course, these are very touching and important moments, but the longer we say goodbye, the harder it will be to get rid of it. Let's face it, there is a cuddle after arriving at the ovi and you should go to the group afterwards. You may be crying the first couple of times and needing a lengthy babble, but in a few days you will get used to it.

2. Consistency

We strive to comply with our standards. If you give him a kiss and a grace, you shouldn't stick to the keyhole after the divorce, and make sure your baby is still crying. If the little one was there for us, then the disturbance in the head just worsens, so why did you see us here. Let us do the same thing at the end of the day. Let's say when we arrive at it and keep our health in mind. The kindergarten child does not know the ur, nor is his or her time, so join us for some action. For example, after lunch or when you wake up, I'm here.

3. April rewards

When we go to the ovary for a baby boom, let's praise how beautifully you spent the day at the ovi. We indulge him for a little trivia, something he loves, such as a lousy apple, a rape or a short walk, a playground, or an opportunity to cash in.

4. Relaxed mornings

It is important that nursery mornings do not give rise to haste. If your child is accustomed to being lazy before getting out of bed, you should wake up early to keep your morning routine calm.

5. Cozy evenings

jбrу Kцzцssйgbe toddler szбmбra very important in an intimate evening csalбdi egyьttlйt. It's nothing more than a fun, laid-back talk, games, a dinner and an evening tale. A peaceful, restful evening guarantees a restful, restful sleep and tolerance of everyday stress.