Mom's a stereotype that I'm sick of

Mom's a stereotype that I'm sick of

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Have you ever heard of the stereotypes that mothers who have no children usually have? They're categorizing us, not knowing why.

Do mothers like to cook with their kids?

If you choose to be a mother, you will also be part of a new community. It's a community where mothers, like siblings, hold together, stand side by side, coexist with one another. It is a community that no child can understand. Numerous mother stereotypes are what we are worried about, though we really are not. At least not - a mom says on the blog. What kind of annoying things do they say to their mothers?

1. There is nothing you can talk to about your mother, just about your child

There may be times when it is good to share things about the child with others, often with our couple or parents. Yes, we also have information about the world and life. You can also talk about a baby with a mother. It is good for us to talk about not having a baby at times.

2. We do everything with our own hands

I personally don't do DIY. I don't have a single glitter dust in my home. And never will. Just 234,884 pieces of my own craft that my son will bring home from school. Coloring is a very crafty thing for me. Maybe I could make a bookmark if I wanted to. Sorry, kids.

3. We love to have wine

As the children fell asleep, Mom unfolded a glass of wine because she had a hard day - why do you think every mother does this? Well, I don't like alcohol at all. Then I unleash a fine ice cream and quench my penance.

4. Enjoy that we can cook for our family from scratch

I don't like to cook, I really don't. I don't even have a comment. I toss a toast with some sauce or roast the chicken meat with some greenery - these are on my menu. The point is that it should be no more than three ingredients in a meal.

5. We do not regularly clean

I don't go over other parents, but I do showers every day. It might be with my kids in the evening, or it might just be at night when everyone's gone to bed and finally I catch up with my work. I exercise daily, what would I smell if I didn't shower daily? The shower also filled up. In the shower, I also "relieved" myself of the stress, it purifies my soul. Zuhanyzбs = йlet.

6. On Pinterest йlьnk

Well no very much. I'm sure not because I'm not a do-it-yourself (see point 2) and I don't like to cook (see point 4) so ​​I have nothing to show.

7. Desperately search for a company with other mothers to share the cradles of our children

It is sometimes very difficult to bring up a child and have a good day without a fall or a break. But I don't need to hang out with other moms twice a week and have a girly outlet once a month. I just have friends who have always been by my side. And it doesn't matter if they have kids or not, they count for me. And now I'm going to take my son to football and try to drink my coffee in the middle.
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