What do we play out there?

What do we play out there?

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Are you tired of going for something more busy or just calming down? We wrote down our ideas for you.

It is also possible to play indoor games outdoors

Same thing inside!

If you are a calmer type, simply settle down with your child in the green. You can also flip through your childhood, draw with chalk, or paint the stones, at least not smudging your home. See how the clouds are running like this, wondering what it looks like. Nature has a lot of little things to see, it develops a little when you observe something unobtrusively and directly. Allow yourself to ramble on, beetle while you rest.

Get athletic!

If you put them on a bike and roll instead of walking, you can get stronger in the air. It is not easy to balance your childhood, first of all be careful, you will get in soon! After warming up a light gear, shift to a difficult gear and then release again. For example, while your child is playing, perform an intimacy to strengthen your ghettos. A little stretching can be good too!

Go with your company!

Don't have time to get in with your friend or meet your ex-classmate? Drink it in the air, assuming he brings along a similar child. So the little ones don't bother you and time passes quickly. Grandma doesn't miss a little visit when you visit, but you can join a family club or association.

Choose a new terrain!

If you get bored of the game, look for another one! You can go farther back in the good times, over the weekend you can also go on a day trip. Forest playground, wildlife park, waterfront, chairlift, small iron - the state of the child, and after the first few moments, you will also enjoy a whole family fun activity program. You will find lots of ideas for traveling on the Internet.Related articles about outdoor games:
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