An endangered pregnant baby was spared unnecessarily by the MÁV

An endangered pregnant baby was spared unnecessarily by the MÁV

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There was a train full of passengers who had been parked in the wrong place beside them. An endangered pregnant baby had to walk back to the yard.

Another mistake at the MÁV: according to Article 24hu, a passenger train was parked next to a van. According to the information on the display, the train was about to leave, but that was not the case. Passengers were taken and had to walk back to West Railway Station. They include a vulnerable pregnant mother and mother with small children.Endangered pregnant baby boy wasted on MБV unnecessarily (iStock) The MÁV issued a statement describing the loss of the junction of the railway station. Previously, the Index had given notice that, due to continuous errors, his employment relationship with Zsolt Kovroly Vozlgyesi, General and Deputy Chief Technology Officer, was terminated by mutual agreement on September 30.
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