Love never disappears

Love never disappears

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Is it possible to love our child too much? Do you make it very hard for us, or do we make it harder for us to lead the road to injustice?

Children need a lot of love

Even if you are uncertain, here's the short answer: parenting, love not only inhibiting, just helping your child develop - says mother.ly.What's the real job of parents? To educate a child to become an independent, self-confident person. To think independently, to have goals, to know how to control them, to make decisions, to know your borders. What should we do: Toddlers under the age of 3 are extremely attached to their parents. If they can't be with us, they'll cry. If they have to share their parents' attention, they become unhappy. They are thirsty for hesitation because they are not tired enough to support themselves. They are ready for this at around the age of 5-7, when they are already able to fully recover or just rebuild themselves. our most important task is to love and support our child very much. If you sense love and trust, you do not need to pay attention to anything else but to grow and develop. It is contradictory, but it is still true: the better you get at us, the more you will be able to adjust. He keeps his love, his needs of affection are assured, so he is able to start, to discover the world alone, play freely, listen, study. If you feel secure, you are able to let us go. If a child feels like it, he or she has to fight for love, they feel insecure. You may struggle with integration problems when you are in the community because you feel that they are not good, not lovable enough. Such children are the ones who somehow I would like to call your attention. They will be the bohuchas of the class, they will be the ones who want to stand out with their hands or their hands to look at them. They all reflect their own insecurities. When a child feels accepted and loved the way he or she is, he or she is balanced and does not seek to gain every respect from his or her caring, classmates.

How do we do it?

We have a very important job in Szllky. We need to show our children the way through love. Let's pay attention to their needs and show how much we love them. If your child is misbehaving, do not be afraid to say no, because if you know that we love and enjoy him, he will understand us. We need to be able to trust us, and this can only be done if we are educated consistently, we pay attention to it, we spend quality time with it, we love it. And we have to learn how to deal with it, even if it is just believing or opposing. Post, protect, comfort our children whenever they need to. Let's fulfill their needs. For the kids, sincere connection is needed. Do not force them to be self-conscious, for if they do well, they will write off themselves when the time comes. But in the meantime, love them very much.Related Articles:
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