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Why am I bleeding so much?

Why am I bleeding so much?

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What should a mother do if she is getting stronger during breastfeeding? The parent answers.

Menstruation may become more intense with breastfeeding

I was born my mother's second child, and I am still breastfeeding. My menstruation came about half a year ago and I feel like the bleeding is getting coarser. I need a night deposit for days, and it doesn't last too long, so I have to think about where to go in the first three days. Is it normal?
Wiki, emailWomen of childbearing age the bleeding may become stronger and stronger. In such cases, there is always a need for a thorough examination, the first step of which may be ultrasound, for example, to help us discover. If you don't have something else, you may want to think about hormonal deviation. Cycles without ovulation may occur during lactation. No follicular rupture occurs, so no corpus luteum develops, so the corpus luteum hormone does not counteract the dominant hormone in the first half of the cycle. The next steps are to decide what you want. For example, if you need to conceive, a simple spiral is not a good choice, but the corpus luteum administration spiral at least settles the function of the cervix. It is also possible to obtain a beneficial effect by taking a contraceptive pill, as it will suspend normal cyclic function and ease the bleeding. However, you should not take estrogen during lactation. Before using any pill or hormonal contraceptive, you should carefully consider whether or not there are any factors that may advise against taking the pill. However, it is also very important for a patient who complains of excessive bleeding to see her whole! Is that okay anyway? Your state of mind, your diet, your life, your weight? Can you achieve very good results? without drugsif we are to keep order in these areas.