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I beat the 75 troll

I beat the 75 troll

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Probably this is the situation that most parents are looking for: the troll starts with the kid already in the trap, but the mother is the troll.

I beat the 75 troll

In the Heroes area, he wanted to drop the '75 trolley with Vivien, 22, with his boyfriend, Benett. However, the stroller was heavy, so a woman helped lift the stroller with her five-month-old doll. They couldn't make it to the first attempt, because the driver pointed the door at Benett in the stroller. Then the whole bus yelled and the door opened again - illustrating the pepper on page 24. The mother and the other passengers gave birth, knocking on the driver, who answered the following sentence to the mother: Shut up or drop it! Then it will come down in the next state and it really didn't stop me. Finally, on Benczor Street, Vivien was able to land, rushed back to the Heroes' Square, where a good-natured passenger had met the baby. There was a camera on the bus, that they are dealing with the baby for a thirty day deadline, ”the mother told Bors.
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