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There are those who are ahead of brotherhood, others are not even concerned about it, most of all it is the natural vicissitudes of the lives of many children, which are adventurous as well.

Do Sibling Pairs Are Flawless And Composite? In a whole family this is almost excluded. If children are able to voice their senses, they are sure to express something: I want their parents to have the full attention of time.
This is not a hardship, nor is it useless, as all (three or so) children experience, learn to cope with, and adapt in the environment of a family. But the quarrelsome, frivolous, rampant rage is more than a nuisance for the rest of the family. Understanding the process's moving springs will allow us to accept and handle the situation more easily.

He likes and hates at the same time

Even when grown up, it is difficult to accept that our senses sometimes take control of our actions. This is almost always the case at a young age: only after a long and difficult period of learning can a child be consciously guided. Moreover, the fact that one person is capable of loving one another and hating another person at the same time is still natural. Just because a three-year-old "big" wants to throw the dust in the trash on a regular basis does not mean that the sibling relationship has been sealed. The same kid would be desperate for his uncle to joke that he would put the baby in his dad and take it with him.
There is no need to be frightened of contradictory statements. Do not translate it as if it were voiced by an adult. The big one wants to let us know is that he alone wants to have the attention and love of his parents, not that he hates his brother. We must allow him to express his desires, his senses. Never scold me for this: if you stifle your fervor, you are sure to give it away in a more destructive way. Don't tell her that she needs to love her little brother - let her realize that it really is a good thing to have a brother. Be patient, it may take years.


Who do you prefer?

One simply tests the patience of parents to find out whether they like it first. For siblings, the other thing is, "who do you prefer?" your request is all the time. At first, the world revolves around the little one: everyone babysits her, but a salary is considered an attraction.
The big one can put his / her soul into view, even if only with one eye. You can alleviate the problem by consciously paying attention to it and asking relatives, brothers and sisters, to deal with the older child first, and just suggesting a little by the way. Parents should also try to get the big one personal attention, but at the very least their old customs, rituals (burglary, paddling, evening tale) should be preserved.
Parent testing really starts when the little one is a big cat: both of them want to make sure they are the parent of love for parents. It is not uncommon for children to play fearfully, in full agreement, as long as they are known to be alone. But as soon as the parents' proximity is preserved, the rampart breaks out. They almost force the intervention of an adult to give one truth to just his partner.
It's not worth investigating at this point, so it turns out that "this is how Peti started back." We cannot be fair. Unless you have to, don't intervene. If the debate is fierce, pick them out and divert your attention, and then try to get busy. Let's try to stay calm. When we go out and make a big scene, the kids have achieved their goal: they have attracted the parents' attention and made them a choice. But once the thing has come in, they will be tried again the closest. Let's find another way to reassure each of our children of their importance, their love.

Tips against fraternity

- The role of the father is invaluable, since he can make the big deal when the mother is busy with the little one. Occasionally things can turn around: Dad can take the little one for a walk on the street, so the mother can turn his attention to the big one.
- Let's make sure the bigger kid is up for grabs, wisdom, sobriety.
- Let's also let her have a baby again: she is loving and loving (even if she's already in school). Don't be penalized if you fall back to a previous level in certain areas (room cleanliness, sobriety), let's make sure you get rid of it if you feel confident again in the family.
- Don't be scared to love the two kids. This is natural. We can tell him with complete peace of mind: you are my favorite grandfather / great-grandfather, my little son / great-granddaughter, because we do not love our sister, but I love him.
- Let's talk about fraternity. Let us reassure you that we accept your senses, not lose them.

Sibling dysfunction

As far as I can tell, the fraternities formed an integral part of family life: from time to time they flared up and then disappeared. When I was a kid, these quarrels were often quarrelsome and quarreling, and usually determined fatherly meddling with the fray. We purposefully considered this to be unfair. Then all of us grew, and became our posterity. I quickly encountered a problem that I would briefly call: brotherhood.
Bron, who is an early schoolboy, has stopped trying to find victory in the destruction, unlike Levi, who is in the middle of the destruction era. With pleasure, he trampled over anything his staff had cared about. Brron's reaction is manifold. In it, the love of brotherhood - which we cultivate - struggles with the desire for possession. If the former rises above, it will simply hail and face the ruins with a light face. However, if the latter, you will hesitate to pick up the first item and drop it.
I realized at a dune that Levente was not as innocuous as it might seem at first sight. I went out to the kitchen to prepare our dinner. Brron fluttered, and Levente tried to squeeze the cold door. I turned away for less than five minutes when I heard Levente's screaming voice and a big thud. I immediately ran into the room. Levi was lying on the ground holding a piece of a wooden train. It turned out that Galad had dismantled Bron's train by the time he was immediately hit with a previously unused sleeve and hit the door. The result: a beautiful pope on his head. In these cases, we usually do two things.
We give the game to the person who first played it. If we cannot decide this, we will simply lose the subject of the debate. So the train returned to Bron, I reassured Levent, and considered the matter locked. It turned out that I underestimated Levi. After another five minutes, Bron screamed painfully. He was fluttering on the ground and frowning. In Leventine, I didn't see anything that could make this state. I wore Bron's cat and saw a clear print on Levente's denture. The bite was deep and purple, and could cause great pain. According to Bron, Levi's cowardly shot himself in the back and bitten him.
There is also one end to sisterhood, and sisterhood troubles are still happening today, even though the guys are still small. What's the matter ?! I can say one thing: Dad, I'll be with you !!!
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