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You can get some snacks

You can get some snacks

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There are babies who do not like spooning, especially if they are trying to feed them. They are keenly tuned in by nine to ten months.

The baby also changes lightning fast in the dressing room

If you have not been very keen on eating, you may be able to get a change if you get ready snacks. For one thing, the difference in the tactile nature of the various foods is immense. It's so exciting that in the beginning, you might rather play with eating, exploring the world. The little one starts out with the same enthusiasm for the oatmeal button as the small object found on the ground while in the middle of the field. Bigger babies and babies discover the beauty of the world through their help. This means that the things you find, the taste of food, the smell of food, and the way that certain thing behaves in the mouth are important to their information. During the introduction of pieces of food, the adult must always be present. Occasionally, the tiny little eyelid gags, and then you have to quickly remove the problem bite from your mouth.

If you swallow

Dangerous situations can arise if a piece of food enters the wells. In this case, turn the baby upside down, gently but firmly between the two shoulder blades. If the operation fails, call for an ambulance immediately. Food or small items in the lower aisles can only be removed with a special tool.Let's be overwhelmed! Only small children sitting at the table should be given a piece of food. It is strictly forbidden to eat, snuggle while jogging, jumping, lying down! The little one first has to learn how to scratch the wall.
Initially, soft or fabricated snacks that are easy to handle and small to eat are more preferred.

Cereal Buttercup (9-10 months) - Recipe

We added a dose of kids:
Two tablespoons of oatmeal with a tablespoon of water, a tiny cooked rape for a kid's doseIf you usually eat dinner for the family, you may get a light rash of oatmeal dumplings. The little one can eat this without having tooth, and he also likes to eat it by hand. Cook thick oatmeal with twice the amount of water and oatmeal. Once the dense paste has cooled down, mix it with a fork and cook it in small pieces and make small balls.

Snack (one year old) - recipe

Bread cubes, turmeric, cream cheese, ricotta, fresh fruit, a few drops of lemon You can put jam in the jar, and you can add fresh fruit to the bread instead. We can apply cream cheese, ricotta, bitter or turmeric as a base, for example, fresh strawberries, cherries, autumn, or jam-blended fruits. Only a few drops of lemon juice are needed for the ripe apricot, and a little honey for the sour berries. So you don't lose sight of the vitamin content and flavor of the fruit. We always cook as much as we can for one meal! This dressing can also be used for milkshakes, whipped cream instead of jam.

Cheese Roll (one year old) - recipe

Hard cheese thinly sliced, apple, peach, cooked greens, for example, beetroot, broccoli, cauliflower. Roll up the cheese slices, adjusting the filling so that the sides are a little flickering.
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