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I'm a mom, but I also enjoy working

I'm a mom, but I also enjoy working

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There are mothers who do not even have the idea of ​​returning to work before their children reach the age of three, and others are barely waiting for them to become adults again. Edina is one of the latter.

I'm a mom, but I also enjoy workingI have two beautiful children: the four-year-old Rika and the four-month-old Baba. I love them, anything they can do, but I'm also sure I don't want more kids. Fortunately, my brother, Csabi, supports this, as we also agreed that Roberts needed a little brother. As a mother of two, I know that only this way can my life be complete if besides motherhood, I can remain a working woman. If I do not leave my home if you do not darбl into the routine maternity, the hбzimunka but felnхttkцzцssйgben be a vбllalkozбs aktнv useful tagjakйnt. For me, this is all life, in this balance I can be a good mother to my children, and I am able to be an equal partner and a real woman in my relationship.Rice's birth was not stunted. tъlhordtam Kйt hйttel, йs as megindнtott szьlйs sorбn komplikбciуk adуdtak, helyeztйk хt intenzнv osztбlyra a mбsik kуrhбzban. We could not be egyьtt Sokбig, I could not hazamentьnk szoptatni.Amikor, бlltam there йs vakartam my head that we will have to become a kйpes ellбtni the babбmat. The initial hardships were all immense and precarious. I often thought that at my workplace I knew the least about what I was counting on. And by the time I got into it a few months later, my daily routine had become almost automatic and I felt like I was getting frustrated. I knew when it came to my breastfeeding, I got pregnant, put it on my stomach, and after five minutes it turned around. I turn it back down, stroke the back, and then fall asleep within ten minutes. Deelut changed so much that he was awake two hours, so we played a little bit. Then it all started over. I was scratching the wall. Since I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to speak meaningfully, I just cheated all day. Like starving them for a bread, yeah lack of communication with adults.I was waiting for Csabi to come home as he stepped in the door, stuffed with me. That's just how I messed up my braiding, baby-bedding, baby-sitting stories. When he hadn't done anything after all the hustle and bustle, only for silence. He listened for a while, but of course we ended the conversation with a quarrel, blaming each other.

She was tired of the pregnancy routine

I wasn't locked in, I live in the capital, but I didn't have any maternal friends. Whenever I could, I moved Rake to my favorite place at lunch time to choose some meaningful sunshine with my colleagues. And relatively soon, shortly after six weeks of control, I started training. I needed my spouse to do this because he was taking care of the baby while I was wrapping around in the gym. But it was also х who aggуdott the terhessйgem vйgйn you have already igazбn when the bбlnatestbхl bъjik elх ъjra х formбs the small felesйge. He almost sent me to go, saying, it will be good for my soul as well. He never complained then, only to find out afterwards that Rick had repeatedly struck that two urb.Csabi was rocking it before his father, trying to reassure him, unsuccessfully. He confessed to setting the movie up for multiple subtitles and hoped that the kid would fall and fall asleep. Rika was nine months old when my son looked at me and said I would call my boss when I could go back to work. I went to his brain. He said he did not йrdekes what anybody thinks, I do feel muszбj hasznossб because нgy both megхrьlьnk, йs nyilvбn with the lбnyunk not be kisegнtve.Rйka was egyйves when бlltam munkбba ъjra, of course, only the beginning nйgy уrбban. I took her to a family holiday where she was completely accustomed in less than a week. Of course I was worried that he was going to feel sorry for myself, but I did know one thing: I want to work. Then, my little fears soon disappeared because I didn't have a problem with Ranka, even after only a few days, she shook her head when I went to bed because she wanted to stay. Of course, her mother was absent, but I realized that it was much better than letting it go harsh, and the whole mardosna was conscientious. At the age of two, Rika stayed with me for a whole day, and again I chose a full-time job.

Rick was the last one at the door many times

Of course, Csabi's support would not have gone so smoothly. From the time I worked in eight urns, he took the kid to the chick in the morning, and usually went for him. But if Juliet had a meeting and could solve it, he brought it. And when I used to have a beer with my colleagues after work, it never gave birth to any beer. But nyilvбn йn am there when х going to play football or relax in the work haverokkal.Mindketten pйnzьgyi sector jуl ismerjьk can be egymбssal this tнpusъ vбllalati kultъrбt, ezйrt much megйrtхbbek if the munkбrуl is szу. True, while we were both working, our girl was often the last one in the ovi, which she sometimes resented, but I always tried to convince her to do it for her. I would like to believe that you understand, feel that we still love you even if we do not spend so much time together. Now I'm home again, but, but more routinely, with less stress, I take the strain off, do not sneeze if I want to suck two urans inside or if I can only sleep in a stroller in the sun during the day. I welcome her to the grove and exercise with her personal trainer, and often meet with my colleagues at lunchtime, and sometimes I attend two awesome programs. My boss has been calling me for a while, I want you to go back for a year, but my boyfriend is planning to start working again next spring when my boy is one year old. I have to take her back to the office, I have to worry about what if we have to go to work twice, because one will be ovis, the other is school. And of course, I often envy my girlfriends, who are free to share their time without having to run home from the office or scold their child to catch the vomit-diarrhea virus in the door. Thirty-two are considered young children with two children, many at this age are considered to be middle managers, and have no means to give birth. But I'm also sure that there won't be much time when most anything will be given to them if they can have such a full life as mine. This article is from Maternity Magazine. You can subscribe to the site online.
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