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8 ways to reassure your child

8 ways to reassure your child

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There are children who tend to be anxious, nervous, anxious. Unfortunately, we cannot "educate" ourselves on this, but we can teach them how to handle difficult situations more easily.

Take the time to worry!

It may seem strange, but it can help a lot if you take 10-15 minutes each day to specifically worry - that is, worrying about things that make you nervous and anxious. Let the child draw, draw, and annoy at the same time and place every day. When the time is up, put the paper in a box and cut it out!

Personalize your concern!

This method can also be tried with smaller ones. Personalize fear, worry, give it a name, a face, because it can be easier to overcome. We can even create a concern to "discuss" how to resolve the situation.

Rub your eyes!

According to Chinese tradition, there are acupuncture points in the ear, the stimulation of which reduces anxiety and nervousness. Fortunately, we can try this method without the need for a finger and a technician. How can we help an anxious, anxious child?

Lean on the wall!

Many kids get frustrated (and make them even more nervous) when they need to breathe, sit back or relax in some other way. In this case, it is more effective if relaxation is preceded by conscious, intense tensioning of the muscles. Ask the child to face the wall and try to "push" it with all your might. Hold this position for 10 seconds and then take a deep breath - repeat this 2-3 times.

Fuck like a superhero!

When anxiety becomes apparent, the child wants to be smaller, go away, disappear. However, research has shown that postures that suggest strength and self-confidence can still have a positive effect on mood and understanding even if they are "held" for only two minutes. Ask the child to try to imitate their favorite superhero by pulling yourself up, stretching, putting your hands on your hips or lifting them high.

Drink a big glass of water!

By itself, outbreaks do not cause anxiety, but they can further worsen the symptoms. If you find that your child is preoccupied with anxiety, flush it with a large glass of water. A child of 25 kilos should consume at least 1 liter of fluid a day!

Listen to music!

Not only soothing melodies can help fight anxiety, but also fun, partying numbers - it's not easy to be nervous about dancing and singing! Dancing is not the least of physical exercise, which is also a very good way to combat anxiety.

Find Someone You Can Help!

When we are nervous, anxious, it is easy to feel that we are completely alone with the problems in the world, even though most people are struggling with the same unpleasant sensations as ourselves. Let's encourage our child to look for someone who looks nervous and talk to them! This can help him understand that he is not alone, and that he is good at giving you insights. (Via) You may also be interested in:
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