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That's why NOK can give the real estate market a boost

That's why NOK can give the real estate market a boost

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Until 2019, the upward trend in the domestic real estate market is likely to continue, which will also be reversed by the National Home Creation Authority (NOK), which is known as the Home Savings Bank.

NOK can also boost the real estate market

There was a halt in the summer period, but in November and December, the housing market is usually strong. If you do not reach Hungary and the world itself, the prices will remain for years to come, and will continue to rise, which will be mainly in the standard homes and in the central city. launches the National Home Creation Community, which provides a new, non-banking, community funding opportunity for those who want to buy a new home and buy it with a low cost. At present, only Central NOK Szervezх Zrt. Is licensed by the National Bank of Hungary, and one of the direct selling partners of the company is GV Credit Center. , 180 people in the US can now approve the launch of the National Bank of Hungary. "In 2017, we found that people are making more and more house coverings, though there will be more than three years' worth of products available in 2018 and NOK 2019. as he entered into the market environment, "said the expert. One of the main benefits of the National Home Creation Society is that its members The amount of the upfront loan amount represents interest-free loans for the homeowner, and the upper limit of the state support for the household savings fund is here, compared to $ 300,000 a year. Zoltán Gadanecz said the real estate market is going through a golden age, and as long as there is a sub-market and low interest rates, there will be a predictable rise until 2019. " , the trend does not change, "he added.Related materials:
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