Bloody stool

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Blood was always present in the stool. When blood enters the stomach from the upper gastrointestinal tract (oropharynx, pharynx, teeth), the color of the staining changes to black due to the digestion of hemoglobin, hence it is called a gray stool.

Bloody stool

If fresh blood can be seen on the surface of the pet or mixed with it, lower section of the feed canal (at last, thick). Without the need for completeness there is little disease or. conditions that may be associated with blood disorders: oral bleeding (eg due to mechanical disorder), gastric ulcer, Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, white cow's milk allergy, colorectal cancer, colorectal cancer, cystic dysenteria. Blood-borne diseases are those that occur only in older children or adults. Such as e.g. the gold bullion, which we will not go into in greater detail now. If the parent encounters a blood loss, they should always be taken seriously and consult a pediatrician immediately.

In the following cases we may find a blood sample:

  • Vear (Dysentery)
  • Inflammatory diseases of the bowel
  • Cracking and polyps
  • Bйlelzбrуdбs
The man an infectious disease caused by a special disease called "Shigella". The thick, ulcerative inflammation is characterized by a feverish, purulent, red, stinging stool in the form of diarrhea. The disease is transmitted orally or with faeces. Infection can occur by direct contact with unwashed fruits, whites, dishes. In the environment of a sick child, it is very important to observe increased purity and frequent washing.His inflammatory disease: "Colitis Ulcerosa" is mainly a chronic disease of the larynx, which is accompanied by bloody inflammation of the colon. We will not deal with this disease in more detail, as the disease rarely begins before the age of 8.The condition and the mucous membrane of the mucous membrane of the blood it is usually caused by constipation, a very hard heart. Because of the pain the child does not dare to shed, the stool is believed to be harder and more difficult to heal.The party polyp it is usually a bloody formula of a small bean or smaller. After shedding fresh blood, call attention after finishing shedding. Larger children have a higher frequency than young childhood. Symptoms related to obstruction of sexual content are bйlelzбrуdбs. There are many reasons for bullying. Among these are common causes of the diseased in the elderly (thickened stomach, severe cases of cancer, etc.), but can also be an exogenous cause: At other times, the entanglement of the old man in the body develops by blocking the passage of the inner self, which is called "invagination." A life-threatening condition, early diagnosis is a fate. The first symptom of bowel obstruction may be a blood stool. In most cases, invagination occurs when the first two years of life. The onset of symptoms is typically a sudden violent stomach ache from full wellness. After a while, the spasms are relieved and then returned again. After a few days, you have a bloody stool. Of course, you need medical help.