Giraffe was born in the zoo

Giraffe was born in the zoo

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Giraffe was born in the Capital City Botanical Garden on February 19th.

The 170 cm tall animal, which seems like an animal, can be seen by visitors and think of the name.
The baby calf came to life in the morning and was not only pregnant, but also suckled from her mother, the 16-year-old Santana, reported the FVV's Pet and Pet.
The little giraffe and the mother rest in a secluded barn, but through a view window, visitors can see the little newcomer for a while. The zoo asks the community for the name of the calf.
With the increase, the number of zoo giraffes grew to six. Santana moved to Budapest from Liberec in the Czech Republic, and Jonas came to the Danish animal park eight years ago. Over the years, Santana has brought the world a new way with her current calf, and two-year-old Said also enriches the zoo in the capital. The giraffe team was joined in 2008 by two girls from Prague, Ingrid and Sandra. In 1869, the first giraffe was proposed to the zoo by Austrian Joseph Ferenc I and the Hungarian king. Then, together with the present one, 26 giraffes were born in Budapest.


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