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Believed to be divorced from birth in the birth story of Tira Mondovics

Believed to be divorced from birth in the birth story of Tira Mondovics

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We were very much looking forward to coming to Bel, because from the 25th week my calf opened slowly. I have been telling myself (and the child) that by week 37, she must be dressed, so she can be born the next day.

This is approx. It happened anyway. I turned 37 on Sunday and contractions started on Monday morning. Just those little cute ones. As I was about to discover Nimi's system, I started to check, yes, they came every 10 minutes. Mr 2 уrбja. I called my baby, who told us to go to the hospital. At birth, we were told that approx. let's just go in the last moment. Then the baby explained to me that a lot of my water (this has always been said by my doctor) and the baby's head didn't go to the last exam, I don't know what's happening right now, but if it still didn't happen, that if my jacket bursts below, the cord will drift. Well, this baby wake up sounded very scary, so I thought I'd do it. But, no panic, we're in very good time, it's just right now, just get started, so you can see a doctor. We chose moles for birth because we wanted a homeless, alternative room environment, And this is the best in the neighborhood, in Mohács (in terms of both the room and the doctors, little ones). While I was talking to my mother-in-law, my husband had lunch at home, and had just returned to his workplace with his co-worker (luckily his neighbor was working on the street). We headed back to Mohács, knowing that our baby, whom we were expecting 9 months ago, would soon be ready for the baby room, the laundry washed, the diaper arranged. But in order to hold this little miracle in our hands, we had to wait. We got to the hospital, my baby arrived soon after, the doctor at the hospital examined me and said we wouldn't give birth today and at dawn.Бbel's head was not always raised. My midsummer was ready for the next big task. I took my bed in the room, put in all my stuff, the nurse helped me move, and picked out what to bring to the nursery. It was full of blood at the same time and it was very scary. In the hallway we walked back to the birth room, when a coy came in, not always the very strong kind, but I felt it, paused for a moment, my baby immediately crouched in a large swollen, holding her hand. We expected to think about the contraction, there in the middle of the corridor.In the midst of the fall but wanted not to hurry up, the clinician was re-examining, the box was in place, but he could look, but , but wait for the morning when you come to your doctor's office. We spent a night in the alternate room, admittedly, I didn't sleep much because of the cribs, and I had to pee many times, but I rested a bit. We were with us until the end of my birth. My doctor came in the morning and did the fracture, which I expected to speed up, but this kid is very comfy. Of course, the cauliflowers have become stronger and thicker.

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I hit a fit ball in the tub (I wanted to be born in the water, I didn't really want to go back, but it was good to be pregnant in the heat), leaning on the ground, leaning on the bed. My baby always massaged my waist, my husband squeezed my hand (it may be, but rather the spine). My hubby tells me that 1 uberl was not a sincere smile between the hatchlings, and about. from now on I don't remember much about the weather. I was really bad, I had a nausea, and my mother-in-law gave birth to my husband to be filled with white sugar. He was really, really bad, and my poor husband was completely insane about how badly I look at this actor. But! I didn't apologize! And after a while, and about. After 2 kg of glucose, the nausea disappeared. The great pain remained. Because, let's face it, it's very crazy. But finally, the pushers came, I had to push. Which was just because my cervix didn't disappear completely. The midwife called my doctor to come quickly, she suppressed the remaining cushions by hand, which is very painful, and there was the baby's head out, which was more painful.Phenomenal team bought me. My son was sitting, held, before my baby was pregnant and my doctor (who had a torn ligament and had a foot). Well, as much as I was printing, and as much as Bel was co-operative, the voice dropped at once. Around the parents everyone jumped up and ran to the next room, to the traditional nursing room, to the bed, because we had to undergo a surgical procedure, contrary to our plans.Finally, at 5:10 pm, our little boy came alive. It was really scary the first minute I didn't ask, I asked him or ten times why not. Tell me to put my foot down, then I see the doctor's heart pumping his nose, but he's fine. And then he hung me up. The most comforting voice in the world! I put a little on my chest, but I was quickly examined because of the jam. As the tumor invested in the heavenly sky, it seemed to break. My husband, poor, ran between the two of us, told him to be the little one. We were looking for a pediatrician who came down quickly, examined him and found out that there was nothing wrong with the decision, only valentine was very tired and too lazy to move. After the examination, they brought me back a little, and then, while I was sewn down, my husband bathed Bel with the help of the nurse. When we were both ready, they laid me back in the alter's French bed, placed my little boy on my chest, and my son lay beside me. We rested there, man. A little oxygen had to be given to Bbel sooner as he began to take strange air, squeaking like a rusty oil. At 11, the pediatrician examined it again, and since it was very nice to breath, I finally got it. He was with me all the way through the three days, and the nurses helped me to bathe, swaddle, and dress. What was bad was that on the evening of my parents' birthday, the BNTSZ announced an influenza law and ordered a visit ban. My husband couldn't come to us. So he drove to Mohács every day, I showed him the baby by the window, and we met on the door for a few minutes while he gave me some water, barley.Lots of lords, big alarm at the end, but a miracle was born!Pampers Reliable Defense - appeal