The ultrasound saved the baby's life

The ultrasound saved the baby's life

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Little Boy Bgota was born by week 33 with an emergency cup, and the 10-month-old had fallen by the brain. The mother told us how the book started, how she survived the difficult months, and what gave her tremendous power.

"… The filters, the vaccinations are not a drawback. We have a reason, we have a child."

Slowly, this is how I know that I have insulin resistance. I was taking drugs regularly, exercising and dieting. I paid attention to myself, but then it didn't matter because we were planning a baby, and I was destined for a life-changing activity. Then we came home with three of us. I can tell you, my joy was great, "he begins Бgota. "Unfortunately, it didn't take me too long after I did the test, I had enormous pain for a few days. My menstrual cramps resembled me, but it was much more wrong. I knew something was wrong. examinations, found that there is one large orange cyst in my litterand the egg probably can't fit properly because of this. With my forehead, we decided to go to a private clinic to be examined. I spent 3 days there, I talked to my son how much I love him and if he stays with me, I hope to be the best mom in the world. And she listened! "Бgota tells me her tiredness went fine for a while. like having a steady kick in the stomach. One day I almost collapsed in pain. My husband took me to the clinic, where he was admitted to a clinic with a pulmonary surgeon, sure on a solid basis. I did not understand, but I trusted that they appreciate their work. My lab results were not so encouraging, so stay tuned, just because we are moving into family fun and not putting myself in unnecessary stress. I had to collect urine, blood was taken again and again and nothing happened. Almost one day the pain reappeared, intensely and very scary. Then he thought I was feeling better than nothing. After a week they let me go home, but one day I got sick again, so I had to go back. "

Week 33… why are we with us ?!

Бgota came in week 33 of pregnancy. Your doctor - after his lab results were not promising - referred him to another institution where there is an intensive prematurity department. Although many were unable to prove it, they then made the diagnosis that toxemia had occurred. There was no high blood pressure, no white in the urine, only the lab values ​​fluctuated back and forth (liver and platelets). "The doctor asked me to talk to my husband. But it was barely stated by the doctor, my blood pressure was at 170/120. Because of the condition or other reason I couldn't. The baby's blood circulation was starting to collapse, my blood pressure in the sky and white urine. " "The direction is - it's not a question," the doctor said. "With this, the world spins 360 degrees, and then the same thing goes back. I thought I was alright. I mean, here and now. We just move in, and I don't have anything for the baby, nor do I have something like that in my head. The cupping went fast. My baby was born at Week 33. 2300 grams and 53 centimeters. I looked up and I felt there would be no trouble. Just because I was eyeing it, it was taken for examination. I knew I could only see it again the next day. He spent three days in the Intensive, and three more in the Newborn.

Diagnosis: brain ventricular arrhythmia

I took her to my old doctor two months ago, who had my baby abdominal-skull-hip ultrasound. Since this had already been done in the hospital (because of her premature birth), I did not expect it to be any change. Since the little head had been looking around for a very long time, I asked him what was wrong ?! By the time I got the answer, it really is none, just a little the ventricles are larger than the average.There are many reasons for this because I am premature, so calm down, watch a little and go back in a month. I thought he was okay, because nothing seemed to happen to him. In the meantime, he had everything back, at least twice a day. She was worried, but I admitted she was sure of herself. One day the milk came in a very scary, almost radiant. I took him to Surgh. They examined it and then came to the conclusion that it must be some kind of a virus. Directed to the László Kurhaz, where we spent a week or so, so that I received so much information that my child may be refluxed. Since I didn't have a lot of milk before, she was completely dehydrated under the pub. After they were able to go home from the hospital, Бgota began to notice that her baby was not holding her own. She did not lift her head, her muscles seemed to be softer. muscle weakness It is. The result of the ultrasound of the skull has also arrived, unfortunately, the condition has increased, so a specialist in neurology has been called.


"We went for an ultrasound scan weekly, then monthly, but there was no change. I just wanted to signal that I would be rarer to check when we got an indication that the condition was unfortunately getting big. , filtering the cake, for another cake, we are starting to get a little fed up with what it is, hopefully nothing at all. Chiari Type I changeis related, but not sure. This is where the cafeteria started. Our neurologist settled down to wait, because he had no unequivocal symptom. It is not vomit, it does not swell, it does not protrude, it is not irritable and it develops nicely. I was worried about how long to wait and what could happen? We started to read it with my brother. Both in domestic and foreign magazines. What can happen is what is Chiari, what is it brain ventricular mood, correlations. Day and night we go online to understand the interdependencies. Then we woke up every day not to be in trouble, to prevent something from happening. I do not wish anyone the couple of months we were in at that time. "

Preventing myths

Бgota found a baby crib in Debrecen, whom he consulted. The doctor recommends surgery if the parents are pregnant prevention mыtét they decide. He was unable to state unequivocally that brain ventricular function and cerebellar abnormalities were correlated. "He had a great chance, but since Chiari I didn't always cause neurologic symptoms, he wasn't entirely sure. The dilemma came. To see a 10-month-old baby who has no symptoms but may have a brain print as soon as he closes leave no sign of the problem coming in. We also read this, and we also sent out a foreign brainstorming opinion who was very helpful. Imagine if the symptoms come before the diagnosis. The child's brain would have been rapidly damaged before they could find out what is causing it. This is a better way to deal with the situation, that is, to prevent it. the immeasurable pain a parent feels at this time. "

From the surgery

"The decision is made. Our child was heartbroken as I was pushed into the office, and I knew as soon as I was entered that we were making the right decision. I just focused on giving my kid the maximum right now. It's going to need me more than ever and it has given me a lot of power. One day after the operation, she went through intensive care and didn't seem to have fallen through an operation. He ate, drank, slept, and at 14 o'clock, jumping in my head, he rejoiced. I was tremendously happy with my tired eyes and my even brighter soul. Everything was fine. No pain, no fever and no headaches. THE control showed that the mood decreased And everything is fine. Five days later we could go home. "Since then we are on an MRI exam. Everything is fine. It is evolving and catching up with the contemporaries. we did not just look for the solution, we researched, learned to be able to question, take responsibility, and make decisions.I think the filters, the vaccines, are not foolproof. We have our children, we have our children. Do not feel unnecessary, money, or wasted time. We have a lot of good things for our health system, for our workers, and for the medical professionals who have not yet gone abroad. They stayed here and collected our children, to the best of their knowledge. Let's be fortunate every day that we are healthy, our child is well advanced and has the will. However, if fate brings us difficult times, don't give up or grasp it. Everything you think about and the same goes for the bad ones. "Related articles:
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