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Bedding at Heim Ple Children's Hospital

Bedding at Heim Ple Children's Hospital

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There are bed bugs in the Heim Ple Children's Hospital, according to the hospital, the bug may have been acquired outright;

Bedding at Heim Ple Children's HospitalA mother who had spent several days in the hospital, who said they had bed bugs, told RTL news. Several patients said they were not on a case by case basis. The hospital said on Facebook that due to high traffic and intensive visits, the facility might have to enter the bed buggy directly. The hospital added that they had done a security disinfection. In response to RTL's requests, the infection was said to have occurred in the most up-to-date class, and in the aforementioned hospital, the infection had disappeared completely. appears on the forearm, on the face, in the curves of the body, usually in the morning. It multiplies rapidly and can survive for many years. The index says that according to an insecticidal polycatcode, 2008 has seen an increase in the number of infections.
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