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Diet for sick children

Diet for sick children

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Generally, the diet should be used if the child is ill, has fever, or has diarrhea, which may be accompanied by or without vomiting. The essence of diarrhea is that the contents of the diaphragm pass through the intestines quickly, and thus less water is drained through the intestinal wall.


The most important thing is to have the correct liquid filling, usually boiled water or chilled tea. It is not important that the color of the tea is really liquid, the volume is in the boiling water, even though today the conductive drinking water is almost wholesome and contains no bacteria. It is worth adding a little sugar, 1 teaspoonful of light sugar and a minimum amount of sugar (a little pinch). This will not make you hungry, but because of the weight of the lost fluids, you will have to patch up even though the fire is drained. and diarrhea. It takes a bit more to get involved, which is usually not an easy task, but with persistence you usually succeed.

Diarrhea, for the time of vomiting

In case of a larger sample, it is possible to make a colorful copy at all ages, and then to make a yellow carpet. The simplest way is to make a small yellow scarf, then roll it into small cubes for approx. Bring to a boil in 2 dl of water until lightly browned, then blend with the cooker. Drinking such a spoonful of spoonfuls or a small glass of 3-5 sips can infuse the infant many times before each feeding, as long as her stomach does not grow well, that is, her. We didn't see a "crap poop".
Similarly, apple juice, apple juice and banana generally have a tart effect. Factory-made apple juice substitutes are not subject to this condition. It is not advisable to give these, but also refrain from drinks containing sugary, succinic acid and coloring agents and preservatives.

Kmmic Shift

In case of diarrhea, faecal blood should be temporarily avoided in white blood. In any case, if the sick child just drinks for a day, this also applies to infants. In this case, the internal system is drained and its load is reduced. On the second day, we will introduce a diet that is easy to digest, the following can be given:
  • Raw grated apples
  • Rape cooked in water
  • Banбn
  • This can be made with older kids, homemade biscuits, biscuits
The next day will be easy to digest, but we will continue our diet with a few meals:
  • Dry cheese
  • Rizskцret
  • Potatoes cooked in water
  • Lean lean meat soup
  • Csirkehъs
Introduce the usual diet gradually, adapting to the child's bedtime.