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Take care of the Earth!

Take care of the Earth!

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April 22 is Fцld Day. This is the time to think about protecting the environment. Believe us, we can all do something for it!

1970. Apr. 22-Jan Denis Hayes 25 million Americans raised naturalism at the initiative of an American student. This historic event has brought about important changes around the world: in the United States, strict laws have been enacted to protect the air and water, new environmental organizations have been created, and millions more have been created. 1989 lйtrehoztбk the Fцld Day Nemzetkцzi Hнrkцzpontot Kaliforniбban, йs month kьldtek hнrlevelet the vilбg all orszбgбba that from vбrosi tцmegfelvonulбsoktуl free university elхadбsokig, faьltetйstхl the hulladйkok ъjrahasznosнtбsбnak megszervezйsйig the nemzetkцzi hнrkцzlйsi systems bevonбsбtуl village majбlisokig sokfйle akciуval ьnnepeljйk бprilis 22 йn the Fцld days in all countries of the world. In 1990, environmentalists in Hungary founded the Earth Day Foundation and created a focal point for coordinating the first Hungarian Earth Day events. They were called in small villages and big cities alike.Programs for 2011
- For the seventh time, the Hungarian Commonwealth Nonprofit Ltd. will hold a traditional national garbage collector action on Thursday, April 21, to clean up the 30,000-kilometer public grid and its environment. Thousands of volunteers are looking forward to reiterating thousands of volunteers on Earth Day. The event has grown into the nation's largest environmental movement in the past year.
- Seeing the catastrophes following each other, and the human suffering, and the great damage that followed, in association with European, American, Asian, Australian and domestic filmmakers, announce World Earth Day 2011! cнmы light up.
How are you doing with greenery?
If you are curious about how much you want your environment in your daily life, you should complete this test. In the meantime, you can learn about environmentally friendly shopping, energy-saving life, good water use, and the use of natural cleaners.